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July 12, 2015

Raphael Jacquelin


Q. Please tell me your thoughts on how you played across this week?
RAPHAËL JACQUELIN: Played great and I'm very happy with my game of course, and as I said yesterday, the way I played the last three months was not very good and not very fun. So I'm very pleased with the second place, even if I was hoping winning the trophy. But it was a tough day today at the office, a lot of wind and it's always difficult to play in the last group and try to win. I tried my best and did pretty good at the end. I tried to hole that last shot. It was almost in. I gave everything, which I just wanted to try to give everything today and that's what I did.

Q. And does that mean that you were aware that you had to hole that shot?
RAPHAËL JACQUELIN: No, I was not aware of that. But Rickie finishing on 12, I was sure of 11 and try to make birdie to make the playoff. And then when I was walking, I saw 12-under par and I was a bit disappointed at that stage. But again, I tried. I tried hard, and it's great to finish second anyway.

Q. I know you've touched on this across the week, but it's nice after the indifferent spell to move on through France and then suddenly have a victory chance, isn't it?
RAPHAËL JACQUELIN: Yeah, as I said, the way I played, I finished 24th last week in The French Open, the start of a real comeback, and this week it's a real comeback. I think a chance to win a big tournament like that, it's always a great feeling, and I enjoyed it all the way. I'm so happy to play next week, of course, in St. Andrews. I haven't been playing The Open since a few years, maybe three or four years maybe. So it's a good week to come, and the confidence is back, as well, with my game. So it's even better to play the British Open in a good form.

Q. And all the better to play it at St. Andrews?
RAPHAËL JACQUELIN: I've never played at St. Andrews, so couldn't be more special, that's for sure.

Q. Will your knowledge of St. Andrews help given that you play just about every autumn?
RAPHAËL JACQUELIN: Yes, I'm sure, we've been playing the Dunhill for me since '97, so I know pretty well the course. It's great for the European players.

Q. What is your best Open memory?
RAPHAËL JACQUELIN: Finished Top-10 in Royal St. George's I think. I can't remember what year was it but I finished eighth.

Q. You obviously love this style of golf.
RAPHAËL JACQUELIN: I love the links course. I like that. Like we did today, we had to create on every shot when the wind is strong and I think the wind is going to be strong next week. So let's create some shots and we'll see at the end.
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