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July 12, 2015

Eddie Pepperell


Q. Assess your week.
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Where I am right now, I probably would have taken it. I mean, a good finish makes me feel better because I was struggling out there a lot with my swing and to find any rhythm. Me and Tommy just didn't give ourselves much to feed off which is a shame. It was a good finish and sets me up nice for next week, gives me a bit of confidence. Overall pretty pleased.

Q. I take it you fancied your chance into the final day after what was a terrific, blistering third down?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: I did, and I feel like today the wind got the better of me. Dropped back into some old habits really that I tend to fall into when I struggle and that's leading forward and that puts you out of position and then you're in real trouble out there in conditions. So I was a little disappointed that my swing didn't hold up today, but these things do happen. And nonetheless, 69 a good score for me the way I played today and that's something that I can be proud of I think moving forward.

Q. I presume you were still aware that nobody was running away, so there's still chances down the stretch?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Yeah, and I think that's why I got a bit frustrated. 11 was the highest number I had seen on the board for while and I knew I needed one or two to drop around 14 or 15 and there was a chance. Yeah, I don't know how them guys shot, what they shot this morning. By all account it is was still windy. 6-under out there today is a phenomenal score. It's a lot harder than yesterday in my opinion. Credit to mark warn and the guys that shot good scores this morning.

Q. You qualified for The Open at The Irish Open and you were really excited. I take it that excitement has bubbled under hasn't it, since?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: No, I'm looking forward to it, of course I am. I let myself think a forward a little bit at times this week. Me and Jamie talked about it on the course and we are looking forward to the first tee shot more than anything and some friends and family coming out. It's just going to be a brilliant week, and a good one for me to be part of.

Q. Have you been up there, taken a look?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: No, I didn't even take a look at this course before Thursday. So the chances of me being to St. Andrews before this week are very, very slim but I've been there so many times before and I've played it in all types of conditions; albeit not in an Open. I'm looking forward to it.

Q. And I daresay you've been told that the conditions are similar to Gullane, pretty green and lush?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Yeah, it would be nice to play St. Andrews when it is like that. That means the scoring will be pretty good, providing the wind isn't like this. It will be good to have one or two days where it's windy but I think looking ahead at the forecast, it's not predicted to be too strong. Obviously the scoring is likely to be fairly low. It's always nice to play in an Open where you can shoot a good score I suppose and maybe somewhere down the line -- look forward to it, however it plays.
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