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July 12, 2015

Daniel Brooks


Q. What are your thoughts on the way it's panned out across this week?
DANIEL BROOKS: Overall it's been a great week. I've played some lovely golf. Not so much the weekend but I've scrambled like you would not believe over last two days. To get the final spot for The Open, I'm over the moon.

Q. Some marvelous shots out there today, absolutely as you said, just a scramble to stay in there, so you still had that chance down the stretch, didn't you?
DANIEL BROOKS: I kept myself in it and holed out really well, and it's been the same for the last two days. I've just holed out so well. I haven't played the golf I wanted to play like I played the first two days but it's been good fun.

Q. Has it given you a lot of pride in that resolution, that patience?
DANIEL BROOKS: It's a top-class field this week and I've come off finishing sixth, seventh, whatever it is and now got an open spot so now I'm over the moon.

Q. Given what you've been through over the last year and a bit, it's quite something special the last two weeks.
DANIEL BROOKS: Definitely, the last two weeks, it's been tough the last few months playing so bad. But the last few weeks have been great.

Q. What are your thoughts on qualifying for The Open Championship?
DANIEL BROOKS: It's amazing. I've been playing golf now for quite a few years and it will be my first major and to play at St. Andrews, that's like a /TRAOEPL.

Q. And to do it by playing so well at this event in Scotland that must be special, as well?
DANIEL BROOKS: It's been a great week and a top-class field and to get one of those spots available, I'm over the moon.

Q. How much do you know of St. Andrews?
DANIEL BROOKS: Only played the Dunhill Links last year, so I've played it twice now. Not enough yet so got to go out tomorrow and have a game.

Q. The fact that it's kind of lush and green, rather like Gullane, that must sort of help, as well?
DANIEL BROOKS: It's the same as everyone. I'll be looking forward to it.

Q. Did you watch it on the box every year as a kid? Is that one of the reasons why you're in golf?
DANIEL BROOKS: I don't watch too much golf to be honest. But you do watch the majors and I have seen the Open the last so many years. To be playing it is great.

Q. It's a special place, as well, the town, the course, the whole setup?
DANIEL BROOKS: I've only been there once and even at Dunhill last year, great fun.
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