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July 12, 2015

Russell Knox


RUSSELL KNOX: I gave myself -- I missed seven putts inside ten feet probably. No chance.

Q. Seems likes you got very comfortable with the links again quite quickly?
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, I love it. Wish I could play it every week. I played alongside Matt there, he might do it. I think I hit it as good as him if not better than him today. Just he made the putts. I mean, he played good towards the end for sure. I know deep down, I had my chances and I just didn't take them.

Q. 50-foot putt?
RUSSELL KNOX: That was beautiful. That was the longest putt I've made probably ever actually. But the ones that you have to make to kind of keep the momentum, the eight, 10-, 12-footers, after you hit a great shot in there, you've got to make those on Sunday. I just haven't quite been able to do it.

Q. The bogey at 11 --
RUSSELL KNOX: I doubled 11, yeah. I hit a good drive and just caught that bunker, and hack it out and I've still got 190 yards into the wind. So kind of pulled it and hit a decent little chip and missed probably a 5- or 6-footer there. That was a real blow. After that, I played excellent and picked up a couple which is nice, but you always want more. No. 6, two days in a row, I just hit horrendous tee shots and then just hacked out. There's four shots right there and there it is.

Q. Wind on 6 was a real thing.
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, exactly. I said to Matt joking around, you could probably hit it backwards if you teed it high. It was howling.

Q. When does your frustration subside going into St. Andrews --
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, being here is obviously amazing. My caddie just said to me on 18 green there, he said, "If you play like this next week, you're going to be in the same position," which would be nice, too. Yeah, I've been playing great for months now. It's four days. I've played good enough to do it three of the four days, but you've got to shoot four good ones.

Q. You don't appear to be the type of guy that gets nervous too much. You kind of seem to take everything in stride. Was the nerves today when you felt like you could get into contention?
RUSSELL KNOX: Not really, no. First tee nerves but everyone has that. Especially the first hole is playing probably the hardest hole on the course all day with that back pin. Wasn't able to make a par. But yeah, I mean, no, I didn't feel overly nervous. Felt comfortable. Didn't feel like I got rushed. I was pretty happy with the way I did it.

Q. You must be looking forward to this week.
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, I can't wait for next week. I mean, I've just got to keep going. I mean, golf's hard. Everyone knows that. If I just keep doing what I'm doing, one of these days, it should happen.
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