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July 12, 2015

Marc Warren


Q. I take it you're thrilled to finish in that kind of style?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, absolutely. Starting off early relatively on a Sunday morning and to get the adrenaline going the last few holes is pretty cool. Started quite a lot of shots back from the leaders but to get my name on the leaderboard was nice. Key to the golf course today is driving the ball. When it's as windy as that you have to get the ball in play to try to get it somewhere close to the hole with your second shot. That was the real strength of my game today. I drove the ball great, whether it be driver, 3-wood off the tee. I've managed to set up quite a lot of chances after that.

Q. State of mind when you started playing? Were you trying to get double figures, Top-10?
MARC WARREN: I felt my game was in good shape but had not quite holed the putts. My iron play more than anything hasn't been sharp enough this week. Drove the ball well but hit it not quite close enough. I felt as if i had a good score in me, and that came to fruition, especially back nine today, it was pretty cool, just felt as if I had a good chance on every hole on the back nine, and to see a few 8-, 10-, 12-footers go in was nice.

Q. Does it keep the focus, as well, if you've given yourself a target for the final day?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, definitely. I think especially when you're playing well, it's easy to get frustrated and kind of take your eye off the ball a little bit. But I was determined today that the game was in good shape and kind of focus on simple things and keep it as simple as possible whether it be start line or just go through a good, solid routine which is important when it's as tough as this with the wind and everything. I felt as if I was doing that really well and managed to do it all the way to the last putt.

Q. When you find yourself in this position now, is it all the more frustrating that the last three days have not panned out?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, definitely, a little bit of wind and rain might help me this afternoon. But no matter what, it's going to be a good finish, good Sunday moving through the field a little bit and sets up a good week next week.

Q. Absolutely, that does, doesn't it, to have that spring of step and a little bit of confidence going to St. Andrews?
MARC WARREN: Absolutely. Any time you have a score like that on a Sunday is great, never mind in a massive championship like this, The Scottish Open and moving into next week, take huge confidence from today and really look forward to seeing St. Andrews over the next few days before we get going on Thursday.

Q. You know what to expect?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, I know a lot about the golf course, played it growing up and obviously the last few years with the Dunhill Links being there. It's just an event I've been looking forward to for a long time. It's my first Open at St. Andrews but first and foremost have to take massive enjoyment from a good Sunday here at The Scottish Open.
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