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July 12, 2015

Brittany Lang


Q. Tell me a little bit about your round.
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, it was a great day. Birdied the first two, didn't make a lot of mistakes, to be honest. Burned the edges all day. Birdied the first two, stuck it in there close. I hit it like six feet on 3. Almost made it on the next one. I just hit it close all day. Hit some good putts and didn't make a whole lot to be honest, just stayed patient. My ball striking was really good.

Q. How was the crowd atmosphere?
BRITTANY LANG: It was great. U.S. Open is my favorite week of the year. It's so great. They said they had record ticket sales, which is really cool to see everybody support us. It was awesome. They were a good crowd.

Q. As a whole, how did you enjoy the week?
BRITTANY LANG: I thought it was great. I showed up Monday to see the course. I loved it. Monday I played 18 and I'm like this is a great golf course. It's soft, it's playing a little bit longer. I think it was a great week. I had been playing really good and did a lot of good things. Going to take some good confidence away from this.

Q. Wanted to ask you about hole 16 because it played so short today, and that was one that you birdied in your round. That played 235 today to the pin. What were your thoughts about how they set it up today as opposed to the rest of the week and how it will affect the rest of the players on the course still?
BRITTANY LANG: I love the USGA and the U.S. Open. I love how the they set the holes up different. Yeah, I hit a 3-wood, which I think a lot of the longer hitters will hit 3-woods and 5-woods, which is cool. It's fun to have a drivable hole like that. I think coming down the stretch with Amy Yang and Stacy, that could be a big turner right there.

Q. This is your favorite week of the year, how does it feel coming down 18 for the last time? Is it a little bit of a downer or is it a little bit of a relief that the event is done?
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, it is. I have so much fun out there, especially playing well. It gives you a lot of energy and the crowds are great. It's nice for us to play in front of big crowds like this because we don't get them every week. I don't think it's a downer with the British and the Solheim coming up. We still have some big events. I think if we didn't have the big events, it would definitely be a letdown, but I just enjoy every minute of the Open. My family is here with me and it's such a great week all around.

Q. When you have a good round to end an event, how easy or difficult is it to carry that momentum into your next event?
BRITTANY LANG: It's great. I'll go back tonight and go over the great shots and dwell on those and all the good swings coming down the stretch that I made, just keep running those through my mind. Thursday next week I'll be very confident knowing that I played this well
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