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July 12, 2015

Alison Lee


Q. 4-under par today, five birdies, one bogey. Describe your round to us.
ALISON LEE: I feel like I was striking the ball really well today. I missed another five, six putts inside 15 feet that I could have made. Definitely I was striking the ball really well today, a lot better than yesterday. I'm happy overall with how I played my round. Obviously I'm not too excited about how I started the week off, like yesterday and Friday. There's nothing you could do. I went out there today and did the best I could.

Q. What were the differences in your play today in comparison to previous rounds?
ALISON LEE: I don't know. I was striking the ball really well and I felt more comfortable over the ball. Yesterday I had a few drivers that missed the fairway and I missed quite a few greens on my approach shots. Today I was doing everything online and my swing felt really good today.

Q. Hole 16, the tee box was moved up today. What were your thoughts on that hole today and how do you think it will play out as the leaders come up later today?
ALISON LEE: Definitely it is a birdie hole. You have to make birdie on that hole, especially the tees being moved up. It is tricky trying to pick your club because I was in between driver and my 3-wood. I hit my 3-wood and I was like about ten yards short. Definitely tricky with the bunker on the left and the right. It's really smart. It's a risk-reward on that hole. If you hit it fine, you will get a birdie and if you don't, you will probably end up with par or even bogey. Definitely it's one of the holes, when you look on the scorecard, you automatically want to make a birdie on that hole.

Q. Overall your impressions of the week and what your expectations were coming in and how did you meet them?
ALISON LEE: The event or myself?

Q. Yourself.
ALISON LEE: I am disappointed how I finished. I've been here before. I played in a junior event here two years ago, so coming back here and playing in the Open, I did have high expectations for myself because I played here before. I actually won that tournament two years ago, so I had good memories from this golf course. Friday and Saturday, not playing my best, I really felt like I could have played a lot better. Like I said, there's nothing I could do. This is my fourth U.S. Open, so it's really cool. I was happy to be here in the first place, having a crazy story about how I got here. But yeah, it's really cool to be here. There were a lot of people here this week. I wasn't expecting this many. I was out on Friday like 7:00 a.m., and there were tons of people out there in the gallery, so it was really cool. Definitely a great experience here this week. Can't wait for next year.

Q. Did you get to do anything fun in Lancaster, Pennsylvania?
ALISON LEE: Yeah, I mean, I watched a movie yesterday. I'm staying with a great host family and they've been really awesome, tried great food. I went to Hershey World two years ago, and I did the whole Amish town stuff. So I got a good dose of Lancaster.

Q. You say you were disappointed, but when your last round is a good score, does that take an edge off your disappointment when that's the way you are coming out?
ALISON LEE: Definitely, especially ending well. Ending on a good note is definitely good, especially going into my next event. We're driving to Pennsylvania, Ohio tomorrow morning. So definitely ending well gives me confidence going into next week, for sure.

Q. Regardless of your finish, when you are at a major like this, is it a little bit of a letdown when it's over or is it kind of a relief that the event is behind you?
ALISON LEE: It's a little bit of both, I guess. Everyone here gets excited for a major and gets super pumped up. There's at lot more pressure, a lot more at stake. But obviously it's disappointing for those who didn't win. Only one person can win. At the same time, ending a major kind of takes off all the stress that we go through during week and just prior
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