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July 11, 2015

Jean-Julien Rojer

Horia Tecau


7‑6, 6‑4, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ How is the feeling after losing three finals, and you finally found the right guy to win it with?
HORIA TECAU:テつ I was extremely happy.テつ I got a message from Robert Lindstedt earlier.テつ I can't reproduce the words, but he was very happy.テつ He told me, This is how you should play the finals.
Extremely happy.テつ Been in three finals before.テつ Very emotional to lose those finals 'cause this is one of my favorite tournaments.テつ I won it here as a junior twice.テつ I wanted to come back and win it as a professional.
Losing two finals was tough.テつ Reaching the fourth one was amazing.テつ It's been an amazing two weeks for us, some tough matches.テつ A few nerves this morning going into this fourth final because I lost three.テつ I wanted to approach it the right way, really take my chances today and play the way I want and really enjoy it.
I felt in the first two I didn't really enjoy it.テつ I was a bit nervous, got down in the match early.テつ Didn't quite enjoy those two losses.
The third one was a good match.テつ Five sets.テつ We lost that one.テつ But I was happier with that match.
Going into this one, I really wanted to play this match as it was a normal match, just another team that we want to beat, execute well the plan that we made for this match, really go out there and go for the shots.
I think they started really well.テつ They were playing well at the start of the match.テつ We had to hang in there and fight to stay in the first set.テつ But once we got to that tiebreak and once we won that tiebreak, the momentum of the match changed and it was in our favor.

Q.テつ Can you explain how Jules, how helped you in changing your approach and being a better team now?
HORIA TECAU:テつ I'm much closer to Jules.テつ We are friends way before we started playing together.テつ We know each other for many years.テつ When you have a friend on the court with you, you know those tough moments, like we usually have super tiebreaks in finals, you have someone that's always there by your side.テつ You know, he's not there to get down on you or the team.テつ It's always support from his side.
Having that positive energy and positive thoughts and his fight that he brings to the court helps me a lot.テつ I think it was a key in our partnership, the way we complement each other, the way we approach the matches, the attitude that we have, the support we have on each other.

Q.テつ You seemed very emotional when you won.テつ Was some of that for your partner because of how much he had been through here?
JEAN‑JULIEN ROJER:テつ I've been talking to family and friends and stuff.テつ It's true, it's Wimbledon finals, I want to win it for myself also.テつ But I know he played three Wimbledon finals.テつ It doesn't make it any easier on the court.テつ One never stops to think.テつ But what do you go onto the court with after losing three finals?テつ It's not so easy, you know.テつ It must be a lot of nerves.テつ Yeah, I don't know.
You get the feeling, Is this ever going to happen?テつ A lot of it is that, for sure.テつ I wanted to win for him a lot.テつ But I also wanted to win for myself, too, of course, and for us as a team.
It's just important.テつ It's one of the biggest, if not the biggest, match that I played.テつ I was also nervous, like Horia was.テつ We have a strong bond on the court together and feel like we can get through it together.テつ He doesn't have to put it on him and I don't have to put it on me.テつ I think if you have that, these moments become a little bit more easy to handle.
And as far as the emotions, just to have my whole family there, I get emotional now to talk about it, but to have my family there, I think Horia can say the same, we've worked so hard to get this and it's nice to get it.

Q.テつ Horia, what things does Jules say to you on the court that really make a difference?
HORIA TECAU:テつ We're good friends, but we're different personalities.テつ I'm more quiet, more calm.テつ He's very outspoken, a bit louder on the court.
But going into matches and going into practices, we have the same mental approach.テつ Going into a final like this, we believed we can win it and we knew we had to push each other all the time.テつ It's three‑out‑of‑five sets.テつ It's a long match.
We knew from the moment the match started, we had to play to win it, to take it in our hands and try to win it.テつ When we have the same mentality, we keep reminding each other all the time about it during the match.テつ Regardless of the score and of how well one of us is playing, we just hang in there as a team.
I think we do that really well together.

Q.テつ Horia, you said you were very nervous this morning.テつ Can you explain how nervous and how did that come out?
JEAN‑JULIEN ROJER:テつ I can explain he made shit eggs in the morning.
HORIA TECAU:テつ Winning the semifinal was already a big accomplishment.テつ Tough match.テつ I was happy to be in the fourth final.テつ Everybody told me before, I feel sorry for you, you lost three finals.
But I'm looking back, and three times, I, had great two weeks to reach three finals.テつ I remember a lot of close matches that I won in five sets, coming back from match points, to make those finals.テつ I have great memories just to be on that court and play those finals.
I wasn't looking at it as I can't win a final.テつ I can get to the Grand Slam final, but I can't win it.
But this morning when I woke up, we knew we were going to play in the afternoon, a few nerves kicked in.テつ I knew it was going to be a tough match against these guys, hometown favorites.
You go through the same routines, you push those thoughts away, you just think of what you have to do out there on the court.テつ I found that I did that really well today.テつ I'm happy with the way it came out on the court.

Q.テつ Will you celebrate together tonight?
HORIA TECAU:テつ Yes (laughter).

Q.テつ How?
JEAN‑JULIEN ROJER:テつ Yeah, we'll be celebrating together.テつ The family is on hold still tonight.
HORIA TECAU:テつ You might read it in the news tomorrow (smiling).
JEAN‑JULIEN ROJER:テつ Then we'll spend time with our families tomorrow.テつ We're going to take tonight and make sure we celebrate properly.
I saw Andy Murray in the hallway.テつ It's tough to watch it because you're watching his brother.テつ But he said, Congratulations, you guys deserve it.テつ He made sure to tell me, Make sure you enjoy it.
I don't know how to do that.テつ We don't really drink or party that much.テつ He said, Make sure you drink and party, so...

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