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July 11, 2015

Justin Thomas


Q. Talk about your round today and your mindset for tomorrow.
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah. I played well. I really did. Hit a lot of good putts, too. I just didn't -- made nothing. But I really played well, really putted well, it was unfortunate I just didn't get more of a drop. Yeah. Feel good about my game. Obviously Jordan and Danny played well, but I'm still in striking distance.

Q. You're only three back: You're close enough you probably heard some of the noise from when Jordan made some of those shots and everything; right?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I mean I obviously have no clue what he did. I was out playing. I just know that he shot 10-under, so I assume he did some stuff pretty well.

Q. Yeah. He holed out from the fairway on 17 and things like that.
JUSTIN THOMAS: Sounds about right.

Q. Is it hard to block some of that out when you hear that?
JUSTIN THOMAS: No, because you don't know what it is. I mean it was definitely a hole-out. I didn't know if it was for two or three. I figured it was -- it doesn't matter who it is, if someone holes out, the crowd is going to go nuts. I was more worried about myself and trying to keep giving myself birdie chances.

Q. Obviously people are in awe of him and probably even conceding him in this tournament already, but I mean you've gotta feel good about your position. Like you say, you're still in striking distance.
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah. I mean I definitely put myself in a harder position than if some of those putts would have fallen in. But I mean I did all I could. If I hit a couple of them softer, I would have made them. I hit them well. But yeah, I'm in a good spot. Just need to keep within striking distance tomorrow, but I need to go out and play a good round.

Q. How about the rain delay? Did that bother you any? How do you treat rain delays, just know you have to just wait it out?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah. I don't think anybody really enjoys them. I don't think it was too big a deal. I was lounging around anyway, so it didn't change a whole lot. But yeah, I just kind of watched a bunch of TV and just hung out and just watched a little bit more TV.

Q. And the course -- somebody said it was kind of starting to dry up at the end of yesterday, but it's going to be soft again tomorrow as well.
JUSTIN THOMAS: It did. It did. It was unfortunate to see the rain because you were starting to get some bounces. I mean the fairways are pretty generous size wise. You were starting to get some bounces and that makes them a little narrower. But now they're -- it just kind of hitting right where they stick and especially for me I usually don't get a whole lot of roll in the first place, but yeah, it's definitely softened up.
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