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July 11, 2015

Kevin Chappell



Q. Well, there's certainly a good score to be had out there. Kevin Chappell joins me here. 64 for you today. We had the rain delays out here. Just how receptive did you find the course out there?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: It's out there, but for me I had to be really patient. That was a long round of golf with two delays. And you know, I played eight holes, and some pretty severe rain. So I really stayed patient. As you can see, once it stopped raining, I was able to take advantage of that.

Q. Yes. Just keeping that mindset straight, I suppose, is it, not getting too distracted?

Q. Coming in today, 5-under par, what's the mindset going into the weekend?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: You know, I really felt like I played nicely the first two days, made some bogeys with wedges, things I hadn't done. So the goal was kind of to tighten that up, and you know, I feel like I did that today. Scrambled nicely when I did miss greens, and that led to a good score.

Q. You finished in a rather nice way as well. To show you that putt again from 18, 34, 35 feet, talk us through this one.
KEVIN CHAPPELL: Yeah, it's downhill, breaks right to left. It's going to get there, no matter what. Just try and feel out the read, and ball went in. Definitely had some pace, but it went in the hole.

Q. Certainly a great way to finish off any round of golf, and I guess now you, what, go and have a bit of practice, relax and try and do the same thing again tomorrow?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: Yeah. Maybe hit a few. Spend some time with my family. They're out. It's always good to have them. Nice distraction from what we're trying to do out here.

Q. Any chance of chasing a first PGA tour win. How do you bring the mindset? Do you try and treat it like any other day? Can you do that?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: Yeah. I think so. I've been in this situation a lot and haven't had the success I wanted to, so hopefully I treat it differently than I did in the past, and really just go out and enjoy it and see what you can do.

Q. Well, great playing today. Superb 64 for you. 12 under par for Kevin Chappell?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: To finish with three straight 3s, you know, really felt like I did a great job today managing my emotions, managing the day. I teed off an 8:35 this morning and just finished. So it's been a long one, and you know, maybe not the best of draws teeing off at 8:35, playing eight holes in the rain, where some guys have just teed off and the weather is perfect. But it is what it is, and I put myself in that situation with some less-than-stellar play on Thursday and Friday but was able to kind of battle out of it and give myself a chance maybe tomorrow.

Q. You speak of managing the day. All those delays, so how do you keep occupied or what do you do during those delays just to kind of keep the intensity and the focus up?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: You know, with these delays there's a lot of unknown. The first one was because of lightning. The second one wasn't because of harmful weather. Just the course wasn't playable. So the second one you never knew when you were going back out. So you kind of had to be alert, not get too comfortable and be prepared to warm up quickly when they did tell you it was time to go.

Q. And to the ball striking, controlling, spinning to these greens, how receptive are they and how do you manage all that back spin?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: Well, first of all, you don't hit any full shots, but for me, unfortunate in these conditions that I don't spin it too much. Got kind of a lower ball flight. To my ball is going to hit and stop instead of hit and rip back.

Q. That's a tremendous round. Go get some rest. Good luck tomorrow?

Q. We know you struggled, where were you with the first rain delay?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: The first one? I was on -- well, I was in the first -- or second fairway. So that was at minus five. And then I was at 6-under and had 15 feet for birdie on 8 on the second one and ended up making it. Go to 7 and then played well from there on in.

Q. So the course condition was nothing. You got it done anyway.
KEVIN CHAPPELL: Yeah, the course is drying up as we speak. And you know, with the ball in hand you can find a dry spot, and you know, you just gotta control your golf ball a little bit. The par-3s are stout today, with the exception of 16. You know, there's 3-iron into 12, 5-wood into 7. That was when it was raining pretty good. So you gotta pay attention on those holes and then take advantage when you hit it close.

Q. On 17, did you find of wish you started on 10 and you had nine more to play?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: Yeah. There's part of you it's kind of you get the poor-mes, why can't I have more golf to play, but I backed myself into that corner, and I like to think of myself as a fighter and I'll fight my way out of it and give it all I got tomorrow.

Q. Was making the putt at 8 kind of critical do you think?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: I think making the putt at 8 kind of got me refocused a little bit. It's hard to come in and out of those things with the intensity that you might have with the four hours straight round of golf. And you know, I was fortunate that it wasn't a -- or it wasn't extreme conditions, so I could go out there and mark my ball. I had a read. I knew what the read was during the delay, and so I knew when I went out there, I could visualize for the hour and a half, 18-footer right to left breaking cup and a half.

Q. Is that how you spent the rain delay?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: That's not how I spent it, but you know, it's definitely in the back of your mind when you're warming up before you go back out, you hit a few 18-footers that are right to left and are able to knock it in.

Q. Did you kind of find a rhythm there on those last three then?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: Yeah, you know, I actually hit a really good shot into 16 and missed. I hit a good putt. Just kind of overread it, and then 17 is not my favorite hole, not the best drawer of the ball with a driver, but was able to get it in play and kind of had a good number, I guess, for me. I was never going to be able to hit 3-wood over the green and I was just trying to hit it left kind of by the pin yesterday and cut it a little bit, and it was right on line. Well, it looks good. And it was. And then really hit a bad iron shot into 18 and was able to roll that putt in. But you're going to get some of those breaks, too.

Q. On a day like today with the weather uncertainties, would you rather be done right now and get over to the driving range working on what you want to work on as opposed to being out there till dark wondering?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: I'd rather be at my score and have 15 holes to play in my third round than being able to practice for tomorrow. But you know, I can't complain about where I am. You know, I put myself behind the eight ball going into today, and you know, I'll go get a little work in and then spend some time with my family, and tomorrow is what it is.

Q. Have you generally been pretty strong on moving day?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: You tell me. I like to play Saturdays. They're good. I like playing well on Saturdays. That makes it better.
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