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July 11, 2015

Daniel Brooks


MICHAEL GIBBONS: I suppose just start us off, assess the day, didn't start great but a hell of a performance after that.

DANIEL BROOKS: Yeah, I hit it straight off the right on the first which is pretty much the only place you can't go. Got up there and if it weren't for the ball spots, I'd have probably lost my ball. Said to the caddie, I could take a drop but wasn't really anywhere to drop it. So just had a swipe, moved it about a foot and managed to hack it out with my next one.

MICHAEL GIBBONS: Did you hurt your wrist at that point, was it?

DANIEL BROOKS: Yeah, got a little twinge in my wrist on the first one and hit in the rough quite a few times today so every time I hit from there, got a little twinge in the wrist. Hit some really nice shots out there at some points and scrambled really well today.

Q. Was that the opening drive?
DANIEL BROOKS: Yeah, it wasn't a terrible drive. I just blocked it.

Q. How pleased were you with yourself, I imagine when you get a start like that, it would be very easy --
DANIEL BROOKS: Yeah, definitely, not the way you want to start. I knew I'd been playing some nice golf all week and I knew there would be some chances out there for some birdies. So I was still holding to belief at that point and just kept on going.

Q. Were you aware of what happened to the first round leader at that point?
DANIEL BROOKS: No, I didn't even know.

Q. How much did the wrist affect you? Did you feel it the whole way around?
DANIEL BROOKS: It was all right hitting normal shots. I hit in the thick rough a few times today so every time I was in there, I had terrible lies and ended up having to smash it out or wedge it as hard as I could and felt a twinge at the time.

Q. Par on the second, over the bunker, and recovery for a par; nice to get the nerves settling?
DANIEL BROOKS: Yeah, I hit a terrible third shot into the green and left myself a horrible putt down. Quite a nice pitch to about six, seven feet. Yeah, to hold that putt was nice. Sort of settled me down a little bit.

Q. Anything coming through what happened today for tomorrow?
DANIEL BROOKS: Such a bad start and to carry on, I was feeling good out there, so hopefully the same tomorrow.

Q. You've won before, but are you excited about the couple days ahead now?
DANIEL BROOKS: Yeah, definitely. Like I say, I wasn't really feeling the pressure today. It was quite a nice feeling out there. I was playing some nice golf and hitting some good shots at the right time. I'm looking forward to getting out there tomorrow.

Q. Paul McGinley on commentary was raving about the second shot you hit to nine. Could you just describe that for us, 3-iron?
DANIEL BROOKS: Yeah, it was about 183 yards. It was just straight into the breeze, which it was really windy at that point and just sort of chipped a 3-iron and landed about 150 yards, just get it running, the pin was at the front.

Q. You made some good par saves, as well, with your putting from eight feet and in.
DANIEL BROOKS: A lot of the par saves -- as I say, I didn't drive it very well today. There was quite a lot of par saves.

Q. Is that normally the strength of your game, putting?
DANIEL BROOKS: It's a bit streaky but the last two weeks I've been putting quite nicely, so the scores are coming down.

Q. Biggest day of your career tomorrow?
DANIEL BROOKS: Yeah, definitely. I've struggled all year, and made some money to keep my card. So it was a good day.

Q. When you were missing all these cuts, winning The Scottish Open, getting into The Open Championship is a long way --
DANIEL BROOKS: The last couple weeks have actually been some really nice golf. I just missed the cut in Germany and I played great last week. I had so many bogeys in my sort of four days. Just seemed to cut them out this week and playing up there, yeah.

Q. What are you going to be thinking about? Are you going to be able to keep everything out of your mind tomorrow?
DANIEL BROOKS: Yeah, I'm going to go out there and just try to do what I've been doing really and at the end of the day see what happens.

Q. We like to throw around a word, life-changing, because it really could be tomorrow. Never mind half a million quid; exemptions and all that stuff.
DANIEL BROOKS: Try not to think about it really. Just going to go out there and just play 18 holes and see what happens.
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