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July 11, 2015

Raphael Jacquelin


Q. What are your thoughts on shooting a wonderful 64 to move up on this board?
RAPHAËL JACQUELIN: It's great. It's a good feeling actually. It's been a long time actually since I'm talking to you. It's a great feeling. Played well the last three weeks so it's coming back.

Q. How important was it to get that nice finish at your own National Open to build the confidence coming in here?
RAPHAËL JACQUELIN: Especially to make the weekend. I was struggling even on Friday and I fight back to play the weekend and play well on Sunday. It's good for us. It brings me the confidence back that we see this week, hitting the ball solid and having a bit more fun on the course. That's the key.

Q. You might tell me I'm wrong but you weren't playing badly particularly for much part of the year but then you were missing cuts and frustrations build?
RAPHAËL JACQUELIN: I started pretty good, as usual, pretty solid. But then I missed a lot of cuts and I couldn't find the fairways and the greens. So that doesn't help. So, I don't know, when you lose the confidence in front of the ball you can shoot really high. So that's what I did the last three months. But worked hard to bring it back and looks like it's coming back.

Q. 12 and 13, lovely putts.
RAPHAËL JACQUELIN: Yeah, great pace again. That was the key of the day, good pace. We are reading the greens really well with Jeff, my caddie. Didn't put too much pressure on the putts really. Just I was focused on the pace and the line we choose. It's easy to say and then the ball went in quite a lot of times today.

Q. Are you relishing links golf?
RAPHAËL JACQUELIN: Especially today. Yesterday was really calm. It was a bit strange actually. Real Scottish weather for a links golf. Still got some opportunities to make some birdies, and you have to be careful on the rest but it's doable. I did it good today and I'll try to do it good again tomorrow.

Q. When are your thoughts into Sunday in this lovely position?
RAPHAËL JACQUELIN: Worked hard to be in that position, so I'm happy. I'm going to try to enjoy every shot, even if I miss the shots. It's easy to say but that's the key is to have fun. As I say, the last few months were not fun at all and today I enjoyed it, so that's the key. I'm going to keep that in mind even if it's not going my way, doesn't really matter. Got a lot of pleasure the first three days so going to stay like this tomorrow.
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