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July 11, 2015

Russell Knox


Q. What are your thoughts moving into a lovely position?
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, I'm thrilled to have the chance tomorrow to go out and shoot the round of my life to maybe win. Dream come true.

Q. Something click on that back nine?
RUSSELL KNOX: I played beautifully on the front nine, too. I really did. I hit the ball the best today for sure. A couple putts went in and I made an eagle, huge bonus hitting 3-wood to seven feet.

Q. Nice to play in front of big galleries and suddenly you're right in the mix?
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, absolutely. The support is incredible and I know it's going to be great tomorrow.

Q. Seeing some familiar faces?
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, absolutely, any time you can look around and get a smile on your face, it's good for you. I have a lot of friends and family cheering me on. I have no excuse not to play well.

Q. I heard you say that in the States they probably won't care that much but presumably this is lovely having this kind of support, being in a home environment?
RUSSELL KNOX: Absolutely. Everyone dreams to play like a home event. Obviously I'm not staying at home this week but Scotland is my home and I feel that support from the first tee to the last group.

Q. Does it change your attitude, your approach?
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, just going to free wheel it. I've got nothing to lose, everything do gain. So look forward to just letting it rip tomorrow.

Q. How hard is it out there? We can feel the wind is buffeting us right now presumably you feel on the very exposed parts on the course?
RUSSELL KNOX: It's tricky. If you don't hit good shots, you'll be punished, and sign of a great course. So obvious, if you hit a great shot, you get rewarded and poor shot, get punished, and Gullane provides that perfectly.

Q. Can you see what is necessary perhaps for the Sunday?
RUSSELL KNOX: The winner always plays the best on Sunday it seems like. So got to go out there and aim at the pin and try to not make mistakes. A 5- or 6-under par round would be incredible.
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