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July 11, 2015

Eddie Pepperell


Q. 65 is very good in these conditions. What did you do particularly well to produce that score?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: I hit the ball well early. Made most of by dire bias, five on the first seven and that set me up for a good score. I think this course, the way it is, I think if you're going to make a score out there, you've got to sort of do it on the front nine where it's the more generous holes and a few more opportunities and I did that. Yeah, I played well. I improved on what I've been doing really and the wind didn't seem to affect me too much.

Q. Was it putting? Was it iron play? Were you holing long ones? How long were the birdie putts?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: I had one good length putt on about 7, which was a nice one to hole, but other than that they were all fairly short. Iron play was good. When I'm playing well, that's generally the best part of my game and that sets me up with a lot of good opportunities. You know, this course, I think it really is about iron play. There's a few drives out there that you've got to get off, but the rough is in places overly penal. So it's an iron player's golf course, I see it that way, anyway, and try to take advantage on the greens.

Q. Where do you think you will be at 9-under?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: I don't know, I think if it stays the way it is, fifth, sixth, fourth, Fifth, sixth, somewhere around there. But I saw the forecast and somebody said some rain is supposed to get in. Depends if the wind gets up or not. It's not easy but there are some birdies to be had out there and there are a number of good scores this morning.

Q. You have an affinity with this kind of golf; you did very well in The Irish Open. What is the special bond you've got with that?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: I just think if I'm playing well, then the wind doesn't affect me. A 65 is the sort of score I would have shot out there if it would have been flat calm or the way it was. I seem to be that type of player really. I prefer when it's tough because it's more about shot-making and it gives me more definition. I can see shots a lot clearer when it's windy and golf becomes a lot more visual and you can feel it when it's flat calm than you get indecisive sometimes.

Q. You're a bit more of an artist than a scientist.
EDDIE PEPPERELL: In some ways. Some other ways I would prefer to be known as a scientist rather than an artist but it's good to have a few strings to your bow maybe, and if not, I'll try and work on it.

Q. What's been so tough about 11 this week?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: That's a driver and 2-iron for me. I had a good opportunity to make four really. Missed a 4- or 5-footer for par. Four would have been a really good score on that hole. 5 wasn't too disappointed making five. There's wind, bunkers everywhere on that tee shot. If you void the bunkers gives you a shot at four but to hit the green in two you have to hit a great second shot.
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