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July 11, 2015

Chella Choi


Q. So tell us your thoughts on shooting 64 and almost making history with a 63?
CHELLA CHOI: I don't know, I made a birdie a lot today, maybe nine birdie. So my putting is good today.

Q. Is this the best round in a major tournament you can remember having?
CHELLA CHOI: Yes, today is my best score in major tournament.

Q. What do you think made it happen, what were the keys to the round?
CHELLA CHOI: I think my shot is really good always, but before tournament I change my putter so I have confidence. I made a birdie a lot.

Q. Did you know that last putt was for a 63 and to tie the record for the best score at a Women's Open?
CHELLA CHOI: No. I'm not thinking that much today about score.

Q. Were you close to the pin today a lot? Were your putts long putts, the birdie putts?
CHELLA CHOI: Yeah, my shot is really good today so I have a lot of chance. I missed a couple par-putt, but I have a lot of chance out there. So confidence and, yeah, I made a lot.

Q. Did somebody tell you afterwards that that putt was for a 63 to tie the record?
CHELLA CHOI: After tournament somebody said.

Q. How did you feel when you heard that?
CHELLA CHOI: It's really close, right? Tomorrow I have one more day, right?

Q. What happened on that three-footer, did you hit it the way you wanted?
CHELLA CHOI: I think my stroke's good, but read is a little bit, a little bit, yeah.

Q. Missed on the right side, is that right?
CHELLA CHOI: Left-to-right. I try just inside, but I pushed it just a little bit left.

Q. Did it go below the hole or above the hole?
CHELLA CHOI: Yeah, low.

Q. Did you feel as comfortable warming up and on the range today as you did on the course?
CHELLA CHOI: Yes, before tournament, one hour and ten minutes before I warm up and putting 20 minutes and go play.

Q. Did you feel as comfortable doing that as you did when you were playing?
CHELLA CHOI: Yes, I played -- my shot is really good last couple of weeks ago and this week, too. But I not made a putt a lot, so I change my putter. So feels different. I change my mind, so it's good choice.

Q. What kind of putter are you using now?
CHELLA CHOI: Odyssey No. 1.

Q. What were you using? What was your old putter?
CHELLA CHOI: An Odyssey No. 5.

Q. What's the difference?
CHELLA CHOI: Made a putt.

Q. Is one putter heavier than the other?
CHELLA CHOI: A little bit more heavier, a little bit heavier and one inch longer. So my stroke is better, easy stroke.

Q. How far was your birdie putt?
CHELLA CHOI: I'm not sure, but No. 8, I made a really good birdie putt, like eight-yard birdie putt. Five feet left-to-right and a little bit uphill.

Q. How were the course conditions today compared to the first two days?
CHELLA CHOI: I played morning today, so really good putting greens condition and, yeah, it's really good conditions this morning, not a lot of rain.

Q. Did you feel good -- did you hit balls before you went out?
CHELLA CHOI: Yes, starting Thursday, it feels really good and my shot looks really good. But I not made a birdie not much Thursday and Friday, but I made a lot today.

Q. And the putting you think was the difference today?
CHELLA CHOI: Yes, the key is putting now in my game.

Q. Were the greens a lot faster today than they were yesterday and Thursday?
CHELLA CHOI: Yes. I play morning this morning, so the greens condition is really good and downhill is really fast.

Q. How long have you used an orange golf ball?
CHELLA CHOI: Good question. I use five, six years this year.

Q. Color aside, what do you like about that particular brand of golf ball?
CHELLA CHOI: Orange is my favorite, so that is my luck. So if I address my orange ball, I have confidence.

Q. If you had to pick one shot in the round that you thought was really good into a green or something, what would it have been?
CHELLA CHOI: Just today? No. 8 birdie putt.

Q. What about into the green?
CHELLA CHOI: Into the green?

Q. Did you hit a lot of hybrids, were you hitting your irons?
CHELLA CHOI: Yeah, I'm not far on my driving, but this golf course is really narrow, so I try to hit the fairway. So I hit a fairway and I hit a second shot hybrid. I really have good accuracy in the greens.

Q. You drove the ball pretty well today, you were in the fairway?
CHELLA CHOI: No. 13, the second shot, I hit a 5-wood and third shot is 71 yard but I made a three-putt, two or three-putt.

Q. What is your lowest score ever as a professional in a tournament?
CHELLA CHOI: 10-under last year.

Q. Where was that?
CHELLA CHOI: Australian Open last year.

Q. Was that for a 62 then?
CHELLA CHOI: I'm not sure, it was 60, maybe. 60, 61.

Q. When you made the turn, 29 front nine, were you thinking about a number on the back nine that you would try to get to?
CHELLA CHOI: Yes, I saw the score, but I made 29, right, so I have -- I have really confidence the first front nine. I made a birdie at No. 8 and 9, so I have confidence. Back nine is more chance, I take more chance. But I missed a par-putt, too, so I made a bogey. But I made three birdies, right.

Q. Just to clarify, did you know you were putting for a 63, but you didn't know it was for history to make a record or did you not know the score?
CHELLA CHOI: I didn't know that before.

Q. The record or the 63?
CHELLA CHOI: Some media say that is really close score, but, yeah, now --

Q. You didn't know it when you were playing?
CHELLA CHOI: Yes, I didn't know that. But now it's so exciting, so close.

Q. Did you know you shot 29 on the front?
CHELLA CHOI: I don't know.

Q. That's a record?
CHELLA CHOI: I didn't know that. But it's really good. Good score.

Q. Were you aware how much your gallery was growing as the day was going on?
CHELLA CHOI: There's a lot of gallery in here, my neighbors came out here and my Japanese friends and Korean friends come out here to the U.S. Open.

Q. Who are your neighbors, from where?
CHELLA CHOI: I live in Jacksonville, but my golf course, they came out here. They were wearing orange shirts, too
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