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July 10, 2015

Bryce Molder


Q. Bogey-free Friday. Talk us through that one.
BRYCE MOLDER: Yeah, well, it was -- well, it's never stress-free, but when you drive it really well and irons were clicking too, I had a lot of chances and a lot of putts inside 20 feet. Felt like I was actually missing some opportunities, and then boom, make a 35-footer on the last, which always feels good.

Q. Played solidly four rounds at the Travelers and very nicely last week at the Greenbrier. Why the uptick in form? What's going on with Bryce Molder?
BRYCE MOLDER: You know, I've really played very well since about the Masters. It was a week after for me, the Masters, but really the week after that I started hitting the ball really nicely. I just haven't quite put it together much since then. But I continued hitting it nicely and hit a few good shots and putts at the right time, and here I am.

Q. Yesterday, afternoon round; you played this morning. Much change in the course from afternoon to morning?
BRYCE MOLDER: Yeah, I mean, the ball wasn't quite flying today like it was yesterday, so in spots it was playing four, five, six, yards longer. Overall the fairways were still soft, so that makes 'em big, and the greens were soft so you could be really aggressive. Overall not much change. With this golf course it's fun because there are some hole locations -- I saw the hole locations for tomorrow and I felt like they were some of the hardest of the four days, which usually Saturday they set it up the other way. So it'll be -- you can still be aggressive, so even with a tough pin out here in these conditions you can still be very aggressive. If you pull off the shot, you can make some birdies.

Q. A stroke off the lead. I guess you can't ask for much more than that.
BRYCE MOLDER: Yeah, I played really nicely last couple days. Got off to a slow start yesterday, 1-over through 4 or 5, which when somebody has already posted 8-under I felt like I was a little bit against the -- back against the wall. But then I played really well since then. Yeah, I'm in a good spot.

Q. Course seemed to be a little bit drier, rolling a little bit better. How different was it out there today?
BRYCE MOLDER: As far as a change from yesterday, it was just slightly different. Although it was a little more dry this morning, the air was a little thicker, ball wasn't moving out there like it was yesterday afternoon. But that's normal. The greens are still soft. You can still really be aggressive.

Q. What's the mindset heading into the weekend when it looks like there is going to be quite the scrum; just a couple strokes off the lead.
BRYCE MOLDER: Yeah, for this weekend it's just make more birdies. Around here this time of year that's what it's going to be about. Even though I'm sitting here at 9-under and looks like 10-under is the lead right now, by the end of the day I could be in seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth place. If not I'm going to be in a logjam right around the top spot. It's more of the same: Lots of birdies.
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