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July 10, 2015

Daniel Brooks


Q. You can sum up just how well you played over these two days, if you don't mind, because that's some terrific golf out there.
DANIEL BROOKS: Played really solid. Not missed many shots at all. Bad tee shot on the 4th hole, I think, this morning and the rough just turned it over a bit and made a bogey there. Other than that, everything else has been really good. Had 10, 12, 15-foot putts all day for birdie and not managed to hole many of them, but having that number on the day is nice.

Q. That makes it better, doesn't it? You seem to like 18. You made birdie on that hole each of those two days?
DANIEL BROOKS: If you get good drives away, it's quite a straightforward hole. I've hit driver the last two days and hit it straight down the middle. Hit a gap wedge, so that's fine.

Q. I appreciate what you were saying in France, that it's a work in progress and you have been seeing signs, haven't you, of recovery?
DANIEL BROOKS: The last three weeks now, Germany, I started playing nicely. Just missed the cut there, but played some nice golf. France, I had a load of silly mistakes, bogeys. Cutting them out this week and it's worked out nicely so far.

Q. Are you a guy that's able to stay positive despite some of those bad times?
DANIEL BROOKS: It's hard, you know, to miss that many cuts. It does get you down. It only takes one good week out here and hopefully that's what I'll have.

Q. What do you tell yourself? You are still a reigning European Tour champion winner because Madeira hasn't been played for a second time to completion, has it?
DANIEL BROOKS: I've been there, done it, hopefully can have a good weekend and see what happens.

Q. How do you reflect on that victory now from this distance?
DANIEL BROOKS: It feels like a long time ago now. I played some terrible golf between now and then, but I'm starting to come back.

Q. Forgive me for asking it this way, but some people would say that the Scottish Open is being led by Daniel Brooks. Who is Daniel Brooks? Do you mind giving us your history?
DANIEL BROOKS: I've been playing golf for many years and I'm not that (indiscernible) these days.

Q. What are your roots? What is your upbringing? How did you get into this game?
DANIEL BROOKS: I played the Euro Pro for three years, played the Challenge Tour for three years and got my card and had a good win in Madeira and I'm still here now.

Q. It's been a nice progress, hasn't it, by and large?
DANIEL BROOKS: I've sort of gradually improved every year. Not so much the last year, but these last few weeks have definitely been better.

Q. When you are playing an event this prestigious and seeing your name at the top of the leaderboard, does that give the extra spring in the step?
DANIEL BROOKS: Definitely. There's some big names here this week. To go out and play within the weekend is good and to be leading is just a bonus, really.
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