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July 10, 2015

Johan Carlsson


Q. How was that out there for you today?
JOHAN CARLSSON: It was good. It was solid. It was a bit less wind today. Made it a bit easier, I guess, but kind of some rain there in the middle of the round that made it harder. Same as yesterday, I would say. For me it was just pretty solid. Continued to putt good, made some saves. I did have a few chances, though, but I made a few good par putts as well. So I shouldn't complain too much about that. I'm pretty happy.

Q. I take it it's lovely to start the way you did with those three early birdies after a horrible earlier long call, probably?
JOHAN CARLSSON: I got off to a good start. I was awake.

Q. Is that front nine markedly easier than the back? There was a whole raft of pars there, which I'm sure had a mix of opportunities and saves?
JOHAN CARLSSON: I would say the front nine is playing a bit easier. Depends on the wind as well. Today was the opposite wind, I believe. So the course played quite different. The back nine was a bit tougher. You had some holes into the wind there. 17, no chance to reach that one today. The front nine I took advantage of it, I guess. You're right, yeah.

Q. You are at your halfway stage. The tournament is nowhere near the halfway stage. What are your thoughts on the championship?
JOHAN CARLSSON: It's fun. I'm just glad that I'm playing well, wherever that is. 8-under after two rounds on this course, I'm happy with that. So I'm glad about that.

Q. Given what you said yesterday about making the changes in your swing and developments in the game, are you tempted to keep things absolutely as they are right for the moment and keep going for the next two days?
JOHAN CARLSSON: If you look at golfers out here, they are constantly working with things. I don't think that's necessarily something that is too tough. You always want to work on something. No, no, I think I'll just keep going. I'm not thinking about anything on the course. I'm working on it on the side, and on the course I just keep going. I'll just keep doing that
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