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July 9, 2015

Zach Johnson


Q. It was a very professionally played round of golf. It's easy to get a little bit greedy out here, see people shooting 8-under and then try to force something and get sideways. I thought you were really patient and picked off your opportunities.
ZACH JOHNSON: Yeah, thanks. It was a good day. I'll blame Jordan for a little bit of it. When we were warming up he said somebody was at 8-under, so that's his fault. I don't like to look at the leaderboard, so I'll blame Jordan for that.

Q. He's young.
ZACH JOHNSON: He's young. He's learning. One of these days he'll get it. But yeah, I had opportunities and capitalized a few times, missed a few, but a couple decent saves there in the middle of the round, too. All in all, a pretty solid round all-around.

Q. You talked about your decent saves, your bunker to bunker at 8 and 9 and you play them 1-under par?
ZACH JOHNSON: Yeah, those were big. You're just trying to make 4s at that point. Didn't hit a great tee shot on 8 and somehow managed to make a 3, and then obviously a really poor second shot on 9. But I salvaged -- after that it was pretty clean. I had some good opportunities and capitalized and missed a few, but I'm not complaining a bit.

Q. 25 straight rounds here in the 60s. One of these days that's going to end; you do realize that?
ZACH JOHNSON: I hope I'm getting an invite well into my 50s before that ends, but I've got to gather that's probably not going to be the case. I mean, I enjoy it. I'm comfortable here, as I keep saying. I love everything about what this course demands and requires, and I love the greens. It's pretty simple.

Q. The track record that you've been able to put together since 2009, a smooth, clean card today, a 66. What was working for you?
ZACH JOHNSON: I mean, I thought for the most part I was doing everything decent, at least. I was thinking properly, that's for sure. Kind of not getting in my own way, remaining patient. I hit some shots in there especially on the front that I should have capitalized on or could have capitalized on, just didn't execute with the putter. But righted the ship in the middle of the round with some decent saves. I had a really solid back nine, I just didn't -- all around a solid day.

Q. Most guys that shoot 66 I'd say kudos to them. That's been about your average the last four years or so. What is it about TPC Deere Run as a course? Clearly you're comfortable with where it's located, but the course itself, why is it such a good fit?
ZACH JOHNSON: Well, it's one of those things, I've been here so many times. It's the tournament I've played the most on the PGA TOUR, so the experience factor. I feel like there's not a whole lot here that I can't get at to a degree. I feel like if I make a bogey or just kind of go into a wall, I can remain patient and it's going to come. There's opportunity around the corner. So patience has always been -- we always say that, all of us, but here it seems to permeate through me a lot easier, and I can't pinpoint it anything other than that. But I love the greens. I love the fact that if I hit it on the green, what you see is what you get.

Q. It seemed like the putter got working a little today. This season at times it's held you back a little.

Q. How big is that?
ZACH JOHNSON: It's huge. Early on in the year it wasn't where I wanted it to be, but my coach, Mike Bender and I have done some really nice work, and then Dr. Mo, some good thought process with it. You know, just simplifying things, kind of going back to basics, and it feels like if it's not there, it's awfully close because I feel comfortable, so hopefully we can see some more putts drop.

Q. Grand scheme of things, you played well at the Travelers, took a week off. You've got four consecutive top-3 finishes here. From a momentum standpoint, what does it mean to you to play this week and then ramp up for the season's final two majors?
ZACH JOHNSON: Yeah, you said it. Confidence is one thing out here, but to me confidence breeds momentum, and that's a dangerous weapon the PGA TOUR. We've clearly seen that with the gentlemen that played behind our group today. Occasionally I get that, so hopefully this is just a sign of better things to come.
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