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July 9, 2015

Brian Harman


Q. It's a really good round of golf that probably didn't feel as good as the number probably indicated.
BRIAN HARMAN: No, it felt pretty good. Obviously a couple more putts drop and it's a really good round of golf. I struck the ball nicely and looking forward to tomorrow. Get a good night's sleep and be back out in the morning.

Q. Conditions were obviously perfect for scoring today, but it felt like there were a couple of spots you got some bad breaks out there.
BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, all that kind of stuff ends up evening itself out. At the time you react to it like you're the only one in the world that's ever gotten a bad break, but it happens to everybody, and over the course of a tournament you hope that it evens out.

Q. Obviously playing with the spotlight of this being your win last year, what is this week like to get back out and hit a golf shot in competition after all the responsibilities this week?
BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, it was. It's a different animal being defending champ, there's no doubt. It was certainly an adjustment, but I was really looking forward to just getting out and playing golf today, and it was a lot of fun. I had a great time.

Q. Did you get somewhat of an extra charge from the crowd that was lined up to see you guys tee off?
BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, yeah, the support around here is unbelievable. It means a lot to have that many people out for sure.

Q. Is this as big a Thursday crowd as you've seen anywhere?
BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, it was great. It was great. This tournament gets so much support from the locals, and as well it should. It's a great tournament.

Q. What did you think?
BRIAN HARMAN: About what?

Q. Today, just in general.
BRIAN HARMAN: Weather was beautiful. Had a great day. No, it was a nice day, struck it well, made a couple putts. Happy with the way I played for sure.

Q. Talk about coming back here as defending champion, walking the course today in the first round. Was the feel different?
BRIAN HARMAN: No, it was great. I love this golf course. It's a lot of fun to play, and I look forward to coming back every year. It was good to play pretty well today, though. There was great support. The tournament gets such great support from all the locals, and it's a pleasure to play in front of them.

Q. Can you take a little deep breath now and know that hitting the rest of the weekend you started well and that defending mentality --
BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, my goal is to just get in contention as quickly as I can and try to stay there, so I've still got a lot of work to do.

Q. You had the Spieth crowd with you today. Did it feel like a Saturday or Sunday out here?
BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, maybe more than a normal Thursday, but I was just trying to take care of business and do the best I could.
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