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July 9, 2015

Richard Finch


Q. That's some day, isn't it?
RICHARD FINCH: It was good, yeah. Nice to finally put a decent round together and get some control over my shots and hit it on the green and hole a few putts and do some good scoring, was a nice change.

Q. Where did this come from, because it is a nice change. You haven't been making that many cuts.
RICHARD FINCH: It's been pretty tough really. Slowly but surely I suppose I'm putting all the pieces back together and there's not been any one thing. It's just been in general, everything needs to be a bit better. I've seen the signs in the last few weeks and it's nice to get the result on a course.

Q. Your story is a strange one, if you don't mind me saying and you got it back out here and not making the most of it which be must be so -- frustrating, if I can kind the word?
RICHARD FINCH: Yeah, it's not what you'd like but it's the way it is and nothing else to blame and it is what it is. The answer is play better and do a lot better results and it becomes a lot more fun. That's the current plan.

Q. Do you go through week-after-week just knowing that there is some sign, some positivity?
RICHARD FINCH: Yeah, that's it. Even if the result isn't what you'd like it to be even though you're making progress means that we're quite lucky that we play a job whereby it's not -- although it's a season, you don't want to get two or three points for a win and next week is another fixture. This game, one or two good weeks can make a good season. So yeah, I've not wasted too many good ones so far this year so hopefully got plenty to use for the rest of the season.

Q. Does this mean you're excited by links golf and playing here at Gullane?
RICHARD FINCH: Yeah, enjoyed it. Popped in here at the end of last year and had a game and enjoyed it then, so I knew what to expect when the tournament came. Yeah, really enjoy the course. It's in good condition and with good shots, good scores are out there.

Q. Love at first sight when you saw the course?
RICHARD FINCH: Yeah, well, all depends how you play.

Q. How did you play?
RICHARD FINCH: I played good, nice. Hit a lot of fairways and got a bit more control of the ball rather than no control at all. So that was pleasing, and yeah, holed a few putts and kept the momentum and the scoring going. Just tried to tell myself that I had a couple of good weeks and take that mentality in rather than thinking of the actual reality of what has been the last few weeks. Try and have another three more days like that.
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