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July 9, 2015

Russell Knox


Q. How well do you feel you finished to have that score?
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, I'm pretty delighted with 3-under. Wasn't really sure what to expect today. It was a little rusty practise rounds, so pretty happy with it.

Q. A course you like? Enjoy playing the links again?
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, this morning was freezing though. Wasn't too liking that much but warmed up nicely and it's perfect right now, so it was a thrill to be back playing links golf.

Q. And you can see a really low score around there, can you?
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, I think so. You've got to drive it in the fairway to have any chance. But yeah, I think someone is going to shoot a super low one.

Q. You knew you were on the cusp of being in The Open Championship; what are your thoughts on being there now?
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, happy to have a chance to tee it up next week at the Home of Golf. I'm going to love every minute of this week and next week.

Q. Where do you stand on getting injured playing football?
RUSSELL KNOX: I played football my whole life till college and never got injured. But yeah, it can happen to anyone. Unfortunately for the No. 1 player, it happened to him at a horrible time.

Q. You don't stop doing something; you live your life, do you?
RUSSELL KNOX: Absolutely. You've got to enjoy your life and golf is just a hobby for me.

Q. Do you feel more up for the challenge playing in front of a home gallery?
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, I feel no pressure. I'm not shooting for FedExCup points. It's kind of a week off for me and I just get to enjoy every minute of it and that's the way I'm going to approach it and next week, even though it counts for both tours. It's just great to be here and it's great when the sun shines for sure.

Q. You probably have an extra big smile on your face given that next week you have something to do?
RUSSELL KNOX: I wasn't really sure what was going to happen. I can't wait to tee it up. I was going to stay in Scotland anyway and be a tourist with my wife. At least now we get to hopefully win a trophy.

Q. Is Mrs. Knox slightly miffed you will not be a tourist and holiday plans have been disrupted?
RUSSELL KNOX: I think she's extremely happy for me but I think she would have liked to have done some sightseeing, too it. But she's been here before so we have done a lot of the castles.

Q. Gets a bit boring after awhile.
RUSSELL KNOX: Absolutely. A castle is a castle, a painting is a painting, let's go.

Q. Talk through from the moment you got that call to coming out this morning on the first tee?
RUSSELL KNOX: My wife texted me yesterday on the 12th or 13th hole and she had spoke to my manager and got the official word. I played that next hole well. I was very happy. It's been a weird feeling because I don't want to take away from this week being my home open, it means a lot to me. But I'm certainly glad I get a chance to play two events.

Q. Talking about today and this tournament first, 3-under, you must be pretty pleased with that to get things rolling?
RUSSELL KNOX: Absolutely. Wasn't too sure how I was going to play. Just felt a little bit rusty the first couple practise rounds. Came out and hit some good shots. Yeah, I'm quite pleased.

Q. When you do come to Scotland and play over here, is it a different feeling when you go and take the first tee shot of the morning?
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, a little bit, a bigger clap being from Scotland. I love playing in front of the home crowd. It's a joy to be back.

Q. How do you enjoy the links game?
RUSSELL KNOX: I grew up playing links golf. I love it. I wish we could play links golf every week.
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