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July 9, 2015

Thorbjorn Olesen


THORBJ√ÉňúRN OLESEN: You didn't have that much wind so you could attack the golf course today. That's what I did, and holed some great putts.

Q. Our viewers are wondering where you've been, second place in Mauritius but coming back from injury. Is it down to a driver you haven't been able to find?
THORBJ√ÉňúRN OLESEN: Yeah, like I said before, the key was to hit the fairways. That's what I've been struggling with. I hit quite a lot of fairways today. So yeah, it's been a tough time but I keep working on the right things and hopefully will come and it showed today that I still can shoot the low rounds.

Q. Runner-up at the Dunhill Links three years ago, is links golf something you particularly enjoy?
THORBJ√ÉňúRN OLESEN: Yeah, I do like it. Grew up in Denmark, used to playing in a lot of wind, so I think that helps me around links golf courses. Yeah, I do really like it. Played well at The Open one year. Good results.

Q. A lot of talk about McIlroy's injury -- you fell off a camel and injured yourself?
THORBJ√ÉňúRN OLESEN: Yeah, that's a few years ago. I was with a few mates in Dubai and had a little trip out on safari and went on a camel and when I had to jump down I just pulled my muscle in my groin. Took a few weeks before I could properly walk again. But yeah, that's what happens. You've got to have a little bit of fun.

Q. Tell us just how special 7-under is on the run that you've been having.
THORBJ√ÉňúRN OLESEN: Yeah, it's great. Obviously been. Yeah, a tough time but feel like I'm keeping my head up and keep fighting and keep practicing, and it will come I think. I showed that today. Hit a lot of greens. Missed the last one but otherwise I think I hit 17 greens which is very important, especially around links courses. We didn't have that much wind today but made it like you could attack the golf course a little bit, so that was nice. And warm temperatures, also, the last nine holes. Made it a little bit easier. But I played some really steady golf.

Q. Did you feel this coming?
THORBJ√ÉňúRN OLESEN: I felt great last week in France. I felt like I was playing well, in the Pro-Am playing really, really well, didn't miss a shot. Thursday morning hit a few bad shots and got really punished but yeah feel like I was swinging it nice for the last couple of weeks. Didn't expect to shoot 7-under but I was hoping to shoot something low soon.

Q. How do you physically feel at the moment? We saw you come back to Mauritius, marvelous performance and nothing much happened afterwards.
THORBJ√ÉňúRN OLESEN: I had a long time out of the game, and yeah, it was nice to come back and finish second, and then I came down and just didn't play well. I feel like I'm back 100 per cent with my body now but yeah, it's still like after the few weeks after, I couldn't practise as hard as I did before probably, but I feel like I can do that now and I can go full at it in the gym also. So that's nice, and I just have to keep working hard.

Q. Are you happy to tell the camel story?
THORBJ√ÉňúRN OLESEN: Yeah, it's a long time ago, I went with a few mates to Dubai on holiday and went on a safari trip on a camel and I just had to get off and pulled a muscle in my groin and basically couldn't walk. It was pretty bad.
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