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July 9, 2015

Matt Kuchar


Q. Enjoyed it out there?

Q. What are your thoughts on a lovely 4-under to start?
MATT KUCHAR: It was a good day. Nice to get in, opening round, 4-under par. Ended up with two eagles on both the par 5s. That was my 4-under. Played a lot of good golf. Felt like I had a lot of 6-, 7-footers for both par and birdie. Missed a lot, made a lot. 10- or 12-footers, did okay with those. Still important for the score to make the majority of those putts.

Q. Not often we see two eagles in a day. Anything special about them?
MATT KUCHAR: It's a bit like Dustin Johnson play today with a couple eagles on the par 5s. The second hole is a par 5 and was able to just nip it on the front edge of the green and rolled in a 40 -foot putt. The next, I think the 16th hole, the only other par 5 on the golf course, and hit a great drive. There's a bunker right in the middle of the fairway that was hugging the edge and I thought for sure it just trickled in and stayed just out. So with that I was able to have a shot to the green and hit a beautiful shot that rolled up probably four feet away and was able to convert that. It was awfully fun to get two eagles.

Q. Sounds like the golfing gods are on your side?
MATT KUCHAR: I always think they are on my side. (Laughing).

Q. Presumably lovely playing in these kind of conditions but these are beautiful?
MATT KUCHAR: It was great. A little chilly this morning but the sun is shining and beautiful place. You get kind of on the 6,7,8,9, out on the cliffs, some beautiful views. A fun place to play golf.
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