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July 9, 2015

Matthew NIxon


Q. Opening round of 5-under par, any particular aspect of your game responsible?
MATTHEW NIXON: My iron play was pretty good. Gave myself a lot of chances and managed to hole a fair few putts out there. I holed three or four really nice putts around the turn that sort of kept my round going, and sort of really pushed on from there.

Q. 6-under par from 13 and you lose a ball at 14. How pleased to bounce back with a birdie at the following hole?
MATTHEW NIXON: Hit a terrible shot on 14. Out of the blue, really wasn't expecting anything to be fair. Felt good in practise, but one of those things, taking it from the range to the golf course sort of thing, it's a shot I've been battling for awhile. It was nice to get that out of the way. The second drive went straight anyway and to make birdie on the next was nice.

Q. Change your coaches at this stage of the season, hasn't been going well for you, what sort of things have you been adjusting?
MATTHEW NIXON: I'm seeing a guy called Alan Thompson for a long time. He's been like a mentor, coach to me kind of thing, so it was a big change, especially midseason. Felt like I needed something fresh and something new so just started seeing Mike Walker and everything seems to be paying off really so hopefully I can kick on the last end of the season.

Q. That's a lovely way to start what is always a big, big event. What were the keys today?
MATTHEW NIXON: Yeah, like I said, my iron play was really good, and then managed to capitalise on the chances I gave myself and holed a few nice putts in the middle of the round, as well.

Q. Golf doesn't get much better on a day like this.
MATTHEW NIXON: Been a while since I've been here but played the British Amateur at Muirfield just down the road, semifinal that time around. Nice to be back and yeah, it's a beautiful day, beautiful golf course, and fabulous condition. As you say, it doesn't really get much better than that.

Q. It's an important stage of the season, things haven't been going particularly well but you've changed coach, which is interesting?
MATTHEW NIXON: Yeah, like I said, it's been a big decision, hopefully it will payoff kind of thing. My old coach who I was with a long, long time, more than a coach kind of thing, so to part ways was difficult. Yeah, I feel like I've sort of got -- I'm working on the right things and seems to have paid off today. Hopefully keep going in that direction.

Q. How much time have you spent with Mike Walker?
MATTHEW NIXON: Not at all. Just this week really. A few minutes here or there kind of thing. Quite pleased where it's going.

Q. Was there a click moment you took into this round?
MATTHEW NIXON: Yeah, I sort of hit -- bogeyed the first, hit a terrible drive off the second, it was on the footpath of the right which could have been a lot of ball. Managed to hit it out and knock in the putt, so that was all right. I kept hitting good shots and stood there thinking, God, is this really happening. So, yeah, that was about it really. So yeah, keep going.

Q. There was just the one reality check, the drive on 14?
MATTHEW NIXON: Yeah, I was waiting for that to sort of get home really. But yeah, I managed to settle myself down for the next hole birdied the next. This afternoon, will hit a few balls.

Q. Given yourself this platform now, what's the mind-set going forward?
MATTHEW NIXON: Just keep going really. I felt like I struggled a little bit coming in and was a bit edge I, so hopefully just sort of reset myself and just keep playing attacking and aggressive golf really and see what we can shoot.
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