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July 9, 2015

Jimmy Walker


JIMMY WALKER: Feels like our West Coast here in the begin willing of the year, a little wind. It's very exposed here. It's kind of nice knowing exactly where the wind is coming from all the time, as opposed to when you get this kind of wind and you have a lot of trees, it's always kind of swirling. In that sense you always really know where the wind is, which is kind of nice sometimes.

Q. Is it a course that you think takes awhile to get used to or something that --
JIMMY WALKER: I feel like it's pretty straightforward, and that's nice. Obviously there's quite a few pot bunkers out there that you need to avoid, because they are basically hazards. I haven't hit in the one in the practise round that I couldn't hit any kind of a shot to the green out of. So you just kind of have to avoid those and you hit some good drives, take advantage and hit some good second shots. The pins today, there were a couple coming in in really good spots. 17 and 18, the pins were tucked. They were tough, especially 18 with that left pin and the wind off the left. 17, wind off the right and they tucked it up on that corner, so it was good. I think it was a good day.

Q. In terms of preparations --
JIMMY WALKER: I have no idea. I've never played St. Andrews, so I don't know what the golf course is like. I know they have been getting rain and this place is playing pretty soft. So probably about the same right now. I don't know what the weather is going to do and how well dry out and I'm sure it will. I hear it's very sand based here so it can dry out pretty quick.

Q. How do you think this will prepare you for The Open next week?
JIMMY WALKER: I think it just gets you over, gets you attuned more getting into a nice sleep pattern which is nice. Sometimes it's hard. Struggle with that every now and then, especially I think the guys coming from the states, we play our tour and we only have to move three time zones, where The European Tour, these guys move all over the world at times, and I think they are probably a lot better at it than we are honestly.

Q. There's either the question, if you flight the ball or if you keep the ball low when you play in these conditions. What are you trying to do this week? Are you trying to change your pattern? Are you trying to just stay with what your game is?
JIMMY WALKER: No, I think there's shots that definitely do favor low ball flight, especially if you want to get it on the ground and get it running and keep it under the win. You can bounce some shots and run them in a little bit. But I grew up in Texas. It blows plenty hard there and I'm accustomed to keeping the ball down for sure.

Q. You mentioned the possibility of playing North Berwick, is that still on the agenda?
JIMMY WALKER: I know all the boys are going to go out and play. Might run out there and play a few shots. Won't play it but definitely want to see it. Got nothing else to do.

Q. Do you feel like you got everything out of the round today or do you feel like you left something out there?
JIMMY WALKER: No, it was pretty solid today. I hit a couple of bad shots. I hit a bad drive on 11 that I got a way with. I wedged one out to the fairway to 60 yards and got that up-and-down. I got a lot of good pitches around the greens, some long pitches that I pitched up nice and tight for some tap-ins. I got a lot out of it. Missed a couple of putts. Probably could have birdied nine. Had a look good. For the most part there, I got a lot out of it. If you're bogey-free, you get a lot out of your game.

Q. You said you felt good coming in; is this an extension of how you felt a couple days ago?
JIMMY WALKER: I felt good. I had a good two weeks at home after the U.S. Open and it's golf, I don't know what's going to happen and you never know what you're going to get but I felt prepared and I felt like I've been doing what I needed to do and whatever happens, happens.
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