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July 9, 2015

Karrie Webb


Q. Perfect golf course, do you concur?
KARRIE WEBB: Well, I liked it the first time I saw it. Visually off the tee, it's a beautiful golf course. You see what you've got to do. You've got the shape the ball both ways off the tee, and you've got to hit some quality iron shots. I think the course was set up great today. I was waiting on the 8th tee, I used every club in my bag except the 6-iron. When they set up a course like that to use every club, it's a good setup.

Q. On this golf course, you cannot be above the hole, you've always got to hit the center of the hole?
KARRIE WEBB: Yeah, above the hole. I mean the greens aren't as fast as I think they could be. With the humidity and that, they're growing very fast. Above the hole isn't as treacherous as it could be, but it's difficult to still make putts from above the hole.

Q. You hit the iron shots great today?
KARRIE WEBB: Yeah, I hit my irons very well today. The 9th green, my last hole, I hit the first 17 greens, and gave myself a lot of looks. And on the front nine, I wouldn't have added up to 20 feet with the four birdies I made.

Q. This is not your first Open rodeo. How much does past success and experience in an event like this help you, maybe even mentally when you're out there today?
KARRIE WEBB: You'd think a lot, but I still have my challenges at a U.S. Open. You always want to do well at this event. And for me it's about controlling my emotions and not getting too high or too low, especially in the first couple of rounds. I did a really good job of that today. My game made it a little bit easier for me. I played very well, I didn't miss a fairway. When you play like that, you know, it's not easy but it's less stressful than I could have made it.

Q. 66 kind of in the cards today? Did you feel like it was possible?
KARRIE WEBB: I think the course is there to shoot scores like that. You've got to play well. The greens are soft. I hit a 5-wood into 8 and landed it six short or five short of the pin and I finished a yard short. 5-woods only really -- I don't think I can do anything about that, if we get more rain, the greens are just going to be softer.

Q. What is the time like? Do you prefer the early-late draw?
KARRIE WEBB: It doesn't really bother me either way. You know, on a late, early, if you shoot 4-under, you sort of have a few hours sleep and keep going.

Q. What about that par save on 9? That was quite a third shot you had.
KARRIE WEBB: Yeah, I was gripped down to the shaft. It was a very good up-and-down, sort of kept a really good day going.
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