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November 5, 2003

Tom Watson


TOM WATSON: Of any golfer that I've played with, he gave a $180,000 first price to the Komen National Cancer Society on behalf of his dad who died of cancer. That defined what the game is all about. That's why the award is given in his name. And I'm very honored to have this award.

Q. And you're giving back too.

TOM WATSON: I'm trying to help out.

Q. No, the money that Southern Company presents, you're the first to give back, as well?

TOM WATSON: Yeah, the monies that the Southern Company presented to me are going to go to ALS and a little, small, therapeutic riding center right near where I live. It's farm country, and also for the Boy Scouts of America.

Q. We're looking forward to seeing you here next year. Are you going to come play again here?

TOM WATSON: If I qualify, I'll be here. I will definitely be here. Thank you.

Q. Just go into what this year has been all about for you.

TOM WATSON: Well, this has been a good year and it's been a sad year. It was a good year because I have played well; a sad year because my caddy, Bruce Edwards, was diagnosed with ALS January 15th, earlier this year, and he's been struggling. It's an insidious disease that takes you inch by inch. And unfortunately I watched my good buddy and brother figure go by the wayside. And that's obviously a lot of pain involved with that.

Q. How often do you talk with him?

TOM WATSON: Well, unfortunately, he can't speak very much. I talk with his wife or email his wife quite a bit. And I email him about his beloved Eagles. He's a great Eagles fan. And a great sports fan. So we communicate by email. And I talk to his wife quite a bit. In fact, I talked to her this morning.

Q. It's obvious that you don't do stuff like this to be recognized, but when you do it, it helps the word get out and the disease to get more recognized. Can you speak to us about that.

TOM WATSON: Well, what you're doing right here is, it helps publicize the fact that there are people out there dying of the disease that my caddy has. And that is my hope that people will get involved because of this. This is a great, passionate, compassionate country that we have here. And people like to help people who can't help themselves. And this is a way to publicize the fact that there are 30,000 people out there who have ALS who can't help themselves.

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