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May 23, 2003

Helen Alfredsson


Q. Welcome back.


Q. Another good day today with a 68. You had a very entertaining back-nine, which was for you, the front-nine. Can you talk a little bit about your day?

HELEN ALFREDSSON: I played pretty steady. I hit a lot of greens I think. I made a few good birdies as well. It was give-and-take. It was nice. It was nice weather and no rain, and even though I was all prepared for it, it didn't show up.

Q. Are you glad to be done early?

HELEN ALFREDSSON: Yeah, it's nice.

Q. How is the course playing today?

HELEN ALFREDSSON: The course -- the greens are getting a little faster. The course is actually in good shape considering what they have had to deal with. It's always a pleasure to play here. I think everybody feels you've got a lot of holes where you can make birdies. It becomes a fun day. It's not just a struggle. If you hit the ball in the right place, you can make some putts.

Q. Were your bogeys mental lapses?

HELEN ALFREDSSON: I don't know what it was. Probably mental lapse or something. The 3 putt on the last hole, I just had a long putt, and I didn't make it.

Q. You're close to the top of the leader board, so you've got to be happy about that.

HELEN ALFREDSSON: Yeah, no, I'm actually really excited where I am. It's different if it's a really, really tough -- I mean tough in the sense that it's tough to make birdies. You know you can make birdies here if you play pretty decent. Therefore, you know when the weekend comes along you need to put yourself in a pretty good spot so you can go through the weekend.

Q. What's your mind-set going into the weekend now?

HELEN ALFREDSSON: Try to stay the same, stay in the same focus that I have done in these two days. Just try to execute the way I would like to execute and not start questioning things, but just go at it. That's usually how I like to play.

Q. Are you comfortable being in the lead?

HELEN ALFREDSSON: It's the first time in a long time. It's fun, you know, but you still are a little hesitant. You've got to try to go out and play, and that's what it should be all about. This is the perfect golf course where you can get ahead. You know, people can come in with very low scores. You have to stay focused where you are. You've got to keep going forward around here, which is fun.

Q. What holes have been the toughest and the easiest for you out there?

HELEN ALFREDSSON: I think the 2 and the 5 are holes where you cannot count to make birdies. I think 9 is a pretty tough hole, obviously 13. I had a great drive today. I only had a 9-iron in today. Yesterday, I had a rescue, like a 3-iron, so that's a major difference right there.

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