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July 7, 2015

Marc Warren


MARC WARREN: The last few years, Scottish Open has been good to me. Fingers crossed that form continues this week. Got a great golf course ahead of us this week, a great test. So just really looking forward to getting started.

Q. At a different course this year, do you come here forgetting the top three three finishes you've achieved the last few years?
MARC WARREN: I think you come back to an event, you see the staging is quite similar to what it was, although different venues, there's something quite familiar about it. Yeah, you come out and you take a look. No matter what course it was played on the year before, if you had a good finish, you take confidence from that.

Q. Talk about your form coming into this week.
MARC WARREN: I had a good U.S. Open a couple weeks ago. I was 27th there but felt as if I played really well tee-to-green. The last three days wasn't three good. I was 2-under par the first round. I think I was lying seventh or fifth or something like that, so a lot of positives to take from that. Not too dissimilar golf this week, a little linksy. My links golf just now is pretty good.

Q. Objectively, how big is this event, and what do you hope to take from it with St. Andrews just a week away?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, I mean, I think for the Scottish guys, it's definitely the fifth major. Outside of the majors, it doesn't get any bigger than this. You know, really looking forward to it and concentrating on this week and trying not to took forward too much to St. Andrews next week.

Q. Is that difficult?
MARC WARREN: Not really, when the event is put on as well as this, as big as this. It's not too difficult. I've played St. Andrews quite a few times over the years, so I know that course well. So there's nothing to kind of worry about there. This week, fully concentrating on Gullane as much as I can, and that's what the event itself -- Aberdeen Asset have taken it from strength-to-strength since they have taken it over and I think that makes it just a little bit easier to concentrate on this one.

Q. How are you feeling and do you feel at home on a course like Gullane?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, definitely. I think Scottish guys, it's pretty second nature for us to be playing a links course. I think one of the finest is this week.

Q. Is there such a thing as a home advantage? Is that a psychological thing or practical thing?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, I would probably say more a psychological thing. Things are going well, the crowds spur you you on, get you back on track. You look out in the crowd, you see friends and family there. You just seem to get extra cheers when you're playing in front of the home crowd and that's great. I really enjoy that. Something I like forward to every single year.

Q. And what would be a good result? What are you looking for at The Scottish Open?
MARC WARREN: The last few years, I came close to winning and being in contention on Sunday afternoon in Scotland, doesn't get much better. Obviously something like that, would take massive positives from that.

Q. Are you thinking about St. Andrews or are you trying to put that out of your mind? Is this training for The Open?
MARC WARREN: It's definitely not a training for The Open. I think it will definitely help.

Q. Obviously Rory McIlroy is out. Does that change things in your mind for you? Does it make things easier?
MARC WARREN: No, I don't think it makes it easier. I think it's a shame for these two tournaments coming up, The Scottish Open and The Open, and a shame for Scotland, really, that they are not getting the world's best golfer coming. Whether it's official or yet for The Open or not, I'm not sure. It's an incredibly strong field anyway this week. Doesn't get much better in golf than what's been assembled here. Just a shame the world No. 1 can't be here but wish him a speedy recovery.

Q. Have you and other players been treading more carefully, not doing anything dangerous? Is that in your mind? Does it stop you playing football before a big event?
MARC WARREN: I think it's just another side of Rory McIlroy's life and what a normal person he is. That's what the appealing thing is about him. As incredible as he is in golf and as big a superstar as he is, he's still a normal guy at the end of the day doing normal things and going around, having a kickabout with his mates but unfortunately getting injured -- inaudible -- what is a job at the end of the day. It's great to see him doing normal things as well as being a golfer.
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