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January 20, 2001

Andreas Vinciguerra


THE MODERATOR: English questions, please.

Q. Today, was that a question of you playing particularly well or do you think he was kind of off a little bit? What was your assessment of the match?

ANDREAS VINCIGUERRA: I think the first two sets was not pretty good from both of us. But then the third or fourth set I played really well and then especially in the fourth, there was no wind.

Q. Is this your best Grand Slam performance today?

ANDREAS VINCIGUERRA: Yeah, that's my best, yeah.

Q. How does it compare with other big matches you've had in your career?

ANDREAS VINCIGUERRA: It's always fun to do well here, especially in Grand Slams. So, I mean for me, it's a great performance.

Q. Norman is struggling at the moment out there. Would it surprise you to know that you could be the last Swede left in the last 16?

ANDREAS VINCIGUERRA: No, I don't hope so. I hope Norman will win. He is a strong player, and I mean I hope that Magnus win. Then Kulti is playing doubles, too. So I hope they win.

Q. Would it surprise you if you ended up the only Swede left?

ANDREAS VINCIGUERRA: Yeah, it would definitely surprise me.

Q. It would surprise you?


Q. Could you explain your name? Why aren't you called Johansson?

ANDREAS VINCIGUERRA: No, my father is from Italy. So that's why I have my surname.

Q. In Europe people like Enzo Scifo, he could have played for Italy, the Belgian football player. He had a choice and he chose to play for Belgium. Would you think about playing for Italy?

ANDREAS VINCIGUERRA: No, I'm Sweden. I will always play for Sweden. I was born in Sweden.

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