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July 5, 2015

Austin Dillon


AUSTIN DILLON:テつ Yeah, I mean, coming to the checkered there and thought we had a pretty good run, and going with Jeff, and I think Denny said the 4 turned him and went out, and after that it was just crazy.テつ It's just part of this racing.テつ Everybody is pushing for all they can, pushing, tight pack.テつ I was pushing the 24, the people behind me was pushing.テつ It's just a wad right there at the end, and that's why these speedway races end and you're just praying and hoping that you get through it at the end.
We were unfortunate but fortunate in the fact that the good Lord was looking at me and keeping me safe.テつ I'm praying for all the fans out there.テつ I'm hoping everybody is okay in the stands. テつThe safety that NASCAR has done for the race car is obviously pretty awesome.テつ I've got a bruised tailbone and a little bit of a bruise to my forearm, but everything else feels fine.テつ I don't have a headache or anything like that, but ice up and go get ready for Kentucky.

Q.テつ That second hit, do you remember anything about that at all?
AUSTIN DILLON:テつ You know, I thought the wreck was over and I was sliding on the roof, and I was finally like, we made it, we made it, and then it was a big bang.テつ I think it was the 2 car ran into me, and then literally I thought I had just got done stopping and I had crew members everywhere.テつ I thought that was really special and cool.テつ It comforted me pretty quick, and then I just wanted to get out of there and let the fans know that I was okay, let my parents and grandparents know that I was all right.

Q.テつ How scary was it?
AUSTIN DILLON:テつ It happened so quick, man.テつ You're just holding on and praying that you get through it, get to race again.

Q.テつ Did you look at it?
AUSTIN DILLON:テつ I got a little look on the ambulance on the way back, but I heard it's pretty vicious, so I'll look at it at some point.

Q.テつ You don't seem very shaken.
AUSTIN DILLON:テつ I mean, this is what we do.テつ We sign up for this every weekend.テつ I'll be ready to go to Kentucky, and I'll be fine.テつ Like I said, I don't feel‑‑ if anything hurt any worse than what it did, I think I'd be more shaken, but right now adrenaline is still pumping and I feel fine.テつ I feel like I can go race.

Q.テつ I understand this is what happens at these types of tracks, but why is it that you keep walking away from this?テつ I know you can say this is part of it, but at what point should it not be part of it?
AUSTIN DILLON:テつ Well, it's not really acceptable I don't think.テつ I mean, we've got to figure out something.テつ I think our speeds are too high, I really do.テつ I think everybody can get good racing with lower speeds, and we can work on that and then figure out a way to keep cars on the ground.テつ That's the next thing.テつ We're fighting hard to make the racing good.テつ I hope fans enjoy all that.テつ We don't, but it's what you put your‑‑ that's your job.テつ You go out there and you hold it wide open to the end, checkers or wrecker, and hope you make it through.

Q.テつ I know everything happens so quickly.テつ I'm assuming that‑‑ what's that sensation like of hitting the fence in the sense of going forward and all of a sudden that sudden jolting, slows your momentum.
AUSTIN DILLON:テつ Yeah, it was very vicious.テつ It's a swishing around in there and the belts are loosening each hit, so the hits are getting more and more violent.テつ By the fourth one, you know, you're already‑‑ you've separated enough where your fourth one is going to hurt more than others.テつ But like I said, I held onto the steering wheel as hard as I could, and I'm sure I'm going to find more bumps and bruises by the end of the week, but right now I feel all right.

Q.テつ Did you see the 2 coming or just a car coming at you?
AUSTIN DILLON:テつ No, I had already actually relaxed when the 2 had hit me because all I can see is the roof and the windshield.テつ Glad we build safe cars at RCR and NASCAR.

Q.テつ Have you talked to Brad?
AUSTIN DILLON:テつ Brad was in there with me, and he said, man, I was trying to slow down but I must have hit oil or something, and I KO'd you.テつ That was my bad.

Q.テつ Did you take a look at he car afterwards?
AUSTIN DILLON:テつ I looked at it for a second and it was demolished, and to tell you the truth, I just waved to the fans and they were pushing me to the ambulance, and I walked over there to it.

Q.テつ How it happened, did you get pushed or‑‑
AUSTIN DILLON:テつ No, I really don't know.テつ After I saw the 11 spinning I think somebody hooked me.テつ I don't recall‑‑ I think I got hooked across the whole field, but I don't know who it was.テつ I mean, it's a ‑‑ my focus was pushing the 24 to the end trying to make him get to the lead, but it didn't work out.

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