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May 10, 2001

Andreas Vinciguerra

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Was today's match more difficult than yesterday's?

ANDREAS VINCIGUERRA: It's two different player. And today Sebastien, I think he is maybe better than Santopadre, but Santopadre is difficult to play. He plays with good slice and he take away the speed from the game. But I played very good today, so...

Q. Was it a relief to get I guess an easier match, a straight-sets match today, after such a tough one yesterday?

ANDREAS VINCIGUERRA: For me, I think I like to play long matches. I like to play very much, so ... But it's always good to win a match in two sets then prepare for the next match.

Q. So you weren't that fatigued out on court? You weren't that tired when you went on to the court today?

ANDREAS VINCIGUERRA: No, no. I was -- I feel very good today. I feel good, like always.

Q. Your next opponent is Harel Levy. Your thoughts on playing against him?

ANDREAS VINCIGUERRA: I played him once before, and he is -- I know him. He's a good player and is going to be a tough match tomorrow, but it's going to be fun to play tomorrow.

Q. Is clay your favorite surface?

ANDREAS VINCIGUERRA: Yeah, I like to play on slower surface. I like slow hardcourt, clay. So I don't know if maybe it's clay or not.

Q. I'm sure you have been asked at least 100 times about your Italian roots. This is 101. There is a place where your father was born, and you went back to the town or something?

ANDREAS VINCIGUERRA: Yeah, my father is from Taormina, in Sicily, so I've been there a lot.

Q. I imagine, yeah. It's a nice place.

ANDREAS VINCIGUERRA: Yeah, it's nice. I love it. I mean, I have my cousins and the -- I mean the family of my father is living there. So I've been there. When I was young, I was there every year. Now it's tough that I play. But if I have time, I think I'm going there this year.

Q. I remember when you were a junior or something in Australia, we asked you if you could speak a little bit of Italian. You were a little bit reluctant in speaking Italian. When you're there, you speak Italian?

ANDREAS VINCIGUERRA: Yeah, I try, I try. When I was younger, I speak pretty good Italian. But now I've lost almost everything. But I think I will try to learn. Maybe next year in this time I speak Italian. (Smiling.)

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