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July 5, 2015

Kevin Kisner


Q. Good finish.

Q. Let's talk about especially the back nine, some clutch iron shots for you. Did you squeeze everything out of it that you could have?
KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, well, I told my caddie on 11 fairway I had to get to 14 to have a chance. I gave it a shot. I made a lot of birdies and played great. Hit a great two shots on 18, just one revolution short, but it's fun to be in these shoes. I get to sit up here and watch other guys try to finish it for once instead of me doing it all. We'll see what happens.

Q. What do you think, at 13 now, Robert is out there playing well, putting with a wedge, by the way. What do you think is going to happen?
KEVIN KISNER: I think I'm going to be one short. I thought 14 was the number the whole time. There's just too many birdies coming in.

Q. What a year you've had, though. This is just another great week you've had. You have to be pretty positive about things right now.
KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, you know, I took last week off, came up here, felt a little rusty and still had a chance to win, so that was pretty sweet. I'm on a three-week stretch so I was just kind of using this to build off for the British Open, and having a chance to win is always fun.

Q. I saw you pushing the baby around. Maybe you ought to not leave this place.
KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, we'll probably hang out for a little while and see what happens.

Q. Obviously a great final round. How were you able to put together a 64?
KEVIN KISNER: You know, I had seven in my head starting out the day to have a chance. I'm kind of finally in a position where I can just try to win and go for broke now. I gave it a good shot, hit a lot of quality shots coming down the stretch, and you know, I think I'll be one short, but hopefully we'll have another shot at a playoff or something.

Q. Grand scheme of things you're playing great this year. What's the takeaway from this week, since you just told me it's the start of a three-week stretch.
KEVIN KISNER: You know, it's just confidence. Once you get in the fire and show yourself you can do it, you just build confidence each week. I was using this week as kind of preparation for the British Open and then having a chance to win is always fun. It all kind of meshes together there at the end and you kind of forget about the British Open and try to win this tournament.

Q. Just comment on an excellent final round.
KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, got off to a good start, made a couple birdies early, and just kept hitting it close and giving myself chances. I got on a good run there with three in a row on 9, 10 and 11, which kind of got the chance -- having a chance to win in the back of my mind. Tried to get to 14. I think I'll probably be one short, but still, a great week.

Q. To be in two Playoffs earlier this year and come up short, still a chance out there, though, to be in another one. Do you feel maybe better prepared now?
KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, Playoffs are kind of a toss-up in my opinion at all times. You never know what's going to happen. I like 18 if that's where we're going. It's a good club for me. So if I get a chance, hopefully I can go hit another 7-iron in there close.

Q. You've obviously been one of the hottest players on TOUR here the last few weeks. What do you feel like has been the key for you to kind of get on this run you've been on?
KEVIN KISNER: I just started hitting the golf ball a lot better, driving it in the fairway. I think I moved up like 100 spots in driving accuracy from last year to this year. Get the ball in the fairway, you can attack the pins, and that's kind of what's been the most key part to my year.

Q. As well as you've been playing, obviously you have to be happy with that, but is there any level of frustration with coming so close so many times?
KEVIN KISNER: No. I mean, you just keep doing it. It would be one thing if I finished double-double to finish at 13, but if I did that I'd be more upset than playing well and playing solid and giving myself a chance.
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