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July 5, 2015

Russell Henley


Q. Good finish.

Q. Now you wait, right?
RUSSELL HENLEY: Yeah, I don't think I'm really probably going to have to wait too long. The greens are great, and it's warm. Ball is going a long way. I feel like the guys in the last couple groups out there are back there for a reason, they're playing great this week, and I would imagine they'd make some birdies coming in. But it is nice to finish with a birdie and shoot a nice final round.

Q. Kind of a dramatic shot there on 18, kind of slowly dropped in there, and you're pretty happy about that I would assume?
RUSSELL HENLEY: Yeah, I'm happy about it. I just wanted to finish off a round I thought was really solid and had a couple mistakes here and there, but I felt like I was due. I really wanted to make that one and almost stayed short, but it dropped in.

Q. You said it might not be enough, but how does it feel to shoot that shot for the lead for the time being when it was?
RUSSELL HENLEY: It feels great because I don't think it will be enough, but you never know. You never know with this game. It's crazy. You know, those guys, anything can happen, but like I said, I don't think it'll be enough, but it feels good to be ahead for a little bit.

Q. For the moment you're at the top of the leaderboard. Do you think it's enough to maybe get in a playoff?
RUSSELL HENLEY: I don't. You know, if the weather -- if it's this calm the rest of the day and it's this warm, I think they'll make some birdies out there. I think the greens are perfect, and obviously all those guys are playing well around the top, and they know they need to make birdies to win, but I'm happy with a final round 63, and it's at least nice to be on top for a second.

Q. Now you have some momentum heading to the Open, right?
RUSSELL HENLEY: It is, I've got some momentum. I know that my golf that's not my best is still pretty good, and I've got a couple things to work on, so I'm excited about it.

Q. Birdie on the last punctuates a solid final round. How were you able to put together such a low number?
RUSSELL HENLEY: Well, I've been hitting my driver really well all week, and the first round I had out here was pretty sloppy, I shot even and I hit the ball the best I've ever hit it off the tee the first round. So I just kept reminding myself if I kept hitting my driver that well and cleaned a couple things up around the greens I could have a good round. I felt pretty comfortable out here. I haven't had too many super low ones, but I love the greens and I feel like I've been due on this course for a while, so it was cool to finish with a birdie.

Q. Once you got to that finishing stretch did you have a number in mind that you were trying to get to, and do you think 12 will be enough for you to stick around?
RUSSELL HENLEY: I mean, I had a couple bogeys today, some dumb bogeys, just -- well, not really dumb, just could have probably cleaned them up, been a little sharper, but just getting some up-and-downs. No, I don't think 12 will be enough. I think the greens are perfect and all those guys know they need to make birdies, and I think there's too many of them that will come in anything less than 12. It's at least a good finish for me.
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