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July 4, 2015

Bryce Molder


MARK STEVENS: We'd like to welcome Bryce Molder. You got it to 11 today, so you'll head into the final round with a share of the lead. Just talk about your round today and your thoughts going into tomorrow.

BRYCE MOLDER: Conditions were great for scoring, so you just kind of assumed you needed to make some birdies. You know, even going down No. 1, I hit it down the fairway, I had a nice yardage with an 8-iron, I kind of bailed out in the middle of the green, and I thought, you know what, I've got to make some birdies out here. Fortunately on No. 4 I started making a few birdies. But as the back nine kind of rolled around I got a little out of rhythm so I had to struggle a little bit, had to make some good par saves, but I did, and then coming in I felt like I had a decent look on 15, 16, 17, I spun a wedge down the hill, and then 18. So actually felt pretty good at the end.

Q. 2015 hasn't been a great year; you won in 2011, come to the Greenbrier here, take a look at it, is it something where the golf course fits your eye in particular to get you kind of jump-started here?
BRYCE MOLDER: Yeah, there's no question the golf course really suits my eye. I think it fits my game. I'm not exactly overpowering, and this golf course is about just getting it in the fairway and getting some opportunities, and then it's about putting. When my game is where it should be, it suits it perfectly, and so I've really been playing really well for the last few months, hitting it great at times, and I just couldn't quite either get it close or make the putts when I got it pretty close. All of a sudden somewhere yesterday on the back nine, I got one of those momentum rolls where I actually kept it going instead of in the past I'd make two birdies and then trip on myself. But no, the golf course I absolutely love.

Q. When Jason posted that number early, were you surprised nobody got past him and broke out of the pack a little bit?
BRYCE MOLDER: I was really surprised. Once I saw that number early, and it wasn't like the wind was going to pick up and it wasn't like the greens were going to firm up, so we were going to have opportunities. I just don't think anybody that was up there with the lead played really well today. I mean, I'm happy with how I played, but you know what I mean, the same thing yesterday, I just think the players that played great on Thursday just happened to not play very well on Friday, so the lead just hasn't really stretched out. So I was surprised. I'd still be surprised if somebody doesn't really shoot a good low one and get up to that 16, 17 number tomorrow.

Q. It was pointed out that there were a handful of Haskins Award winners that are on or near the leaderboard right now. You might be the oldest of the bunch. How does it feel to lead some of those guys, and have you gotten to know some of those guys, sort of like a little club?
BRYCE MOLDER: You know what, a few of those along the way, and I actually don't know exactly which ones won the Haskins Award. I was laughing out there, at one time I saw under my bio, whatever, said, won the 2000 World Amateur, and I thought, that's 15 years ago. I need to do something that's worthy of getting up there again or something that's a little more recent. But yeah, there's quite a few in the field, and I saw that in the paper. I think I saw it in the paper the other day, so that's cool.

Q. I don't know how well you've looked at the leaderboard, but it's a logjam. About half the field within four strokes it seems. Have you seen anything quite like it before that you've been in the middle of?
BRYCE MOLDER: Yeah, I mean, it's becoming more and more common out here, I think. The cut was only seven shots from the lead, and that used to be -- that used to not happen very often, but there's just such -- the field is so deep and so good, and then if nobody decides to run off and leave everyone, then you kind of get that bunched-up feeling. So I'm not surprised because of the weather that we've had. The conditions are great for making a lot of pars and getting some birdie chances but not necessarily taking off and shooting a lot of really low scores. But I think part of it, too, is just kind of a coincidence that, again, the players that play great one day have not played great the next day.

Q. When the sun came out towards the back half are your round, did you feel like the greens and fairways were starting to dry up a little bit relatively speaking to where they were yesterday when it was raining?
BRYCE MOLDER: Probably not much from where we started today, but definitely when we were out there when it was actually raining, it was pretty wet. But the greens still have a lot of moisture in them. The ball was picking up some mud in the fairways, and you know, it rains off and on for a few days, and that's going to happen. The golf course is in great shape, but it hasn't dried out very much, just in maybe a few spots if you happen to be good enough to aim at some high spots in the fairways or something.
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