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May 12, 2001

Andreas Vinciguerra

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Do you have any regrets? Was there really nothing you could do against this tougher opponent?

ANDREAS VINCIGUERRA: Today I think he play very well. I had not so many chances because he's play heavy, and right now he play unbelievably good.

Q. Which could be your tactics to beat Kuerten, just to go to the net or what?

ANDREAS VINCIGUERRA: I think you have to have good length on your ball. If you are too short on the court, he is stepping in. He is very tough when he is inside the baseline. So you have to play him with good length.

Q. But he beats a lot of Spanish players.


Q. But he's able to beat a lot of Spanish guys with a lot of top spin.

ANDREAS VINCIGUERRA: Yeah. He's good. I think he play with much confidence now. He's tough to beat right now.

Q. You had played him last year on clay. Will you compare the two Kuertens you faced? Is he the same as last year?

ANDREAS VINCIGUERRA: Yeah, I think he played like last year. I think he played the same - tough and good on both sides. He's a good player, very good.

Q. Which one is your favorite for tomorrow?

ANDREAS VINCIGUERRA: I think is going to be tough match. Both Gustavo and Ferrero is playing very good, and also I think it's an open match tomorrow.

Q. You never bet?

ANDREAS VINCIGUERRA: No, no. I don't know, is tough to say. They're great players, both of them. So...

Q. Was it not a success for you anyway to get to the semifinals?

ANDREAS VINCIGUERRA: Yeah, of course I'm very happy that I went to the semifinal. But, yeah, is much funner to get to the final and much funner to win.

Q. What have you learned about your game and about yourself this week?

ANDREAS VINCIGUERRA: This week has been a great week for me. That's good for my confidence in the -- to Hamburg and Paris and all the other tournaments. So for me, it's good experience this week.

Q. Last year Norman and Kuerten played the final here and also the final in Roland Garros. Do you think it could be the same this year with Ferrero and Kuerten?

ANDREAS VINCIGUERRA: Yeah, you never know. Is so many guys that is playing so well here. They are both tough to beat on clay, but it's open. I mean, so many players play good.

Q. How many guys in your mind could be for the final in Roland Garros?

ANDREAS VINCIGUERRA: You have Kuerten, Ferrero, Moya, Corretja, Norman, he is good clay, and this week Lapentti play good. You know, Agassi. Many players.

Q. Are you going to celebrate tonight for having reached the semis, Maybe have some scampi fritti?

ANDREAS VINCIGUERRA: Yeah, maybe. No, I think tonight is going to be easy. I'm going tomorrow to Hamburg, so I take it easy tonight and pack my bags and prepare for the flight tomorrow.

Q. When the match is finished, a match like this is finished, a tournament like this is finished, in your mind are you thinking something like, "I have more $200,000, I have more 25 ATP points"?

ANDREAS VINCIGUERRA: I don't know what I'm really thinking. After the match, I don't think you think so much. You're just going, that's it. And maybe you think a little bit about the match and then, I don't know, maybe tomorrow I think more I think.

Q. About...

ANDREAS VINCIGUERRA: I mean for me, right now I have to improve my game. And that's for me important right now.

Q. You had a lot of support at the end from the crowd.

ANDREAS VINCIGUERRA: Yeah. It's nice when you have the crowd behind you. I like it. It's fun to play in.

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