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July 3, 2015

James Hahn


Q. Explain your round and some good things you did. How did you get down there?
JAMES HAHN: Well, all week I've been hitting it really good. If I can make a couple extra putts -- I made three birdies today. I felt like I played a lot better than that. Five birdies yesterday. Let one get away on 17, but just playing smart, putting myself in good position, and yeah, it's going to be a good weekend.

Q. How wet did it get out there for you during that downpour?
JAMES HAHN: Perfect. Yeah, I love the rain. It got a little wet on 18. We had some casual water on the green. But as far as the fairways, fairways are in perfect condition. These are the best greens that we putt on all year. The course is in phenomenal shape, so it's going to be a good weekend.

Q. What about the rain helps your game?
JAMES HAHN: What about it?

Q. Yeah.
JAMES HAHN: Just love it. No, I grew up in Northern California, so for me it reminds me of back home. To just go out in the rain, you know, you're one with nature, don't want to get all spiritual about it, but it's a good feeling out there.

Q. Most people think that's a grind. They want to go out there and not have to deal with it. You just embrace it?
JAMES HAHN: Yeah. The thing is ever since I was four years old I've been playing in the rain. For me I feel comfortable. I feel like I'm in my zone. You can't do certain things in the rain that you can when it's 110 degrees out. You can't try to hammer a 9-iron from 155. You have to ease up on an 8-iron. Little things like that, I'm comfortable with those shots and just how the ball reacts, as well. It's very predictable in the rain.
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