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July 3, 2015

James Morrison


JAMES MORRISON:  Any day around here with no bogeys, you know it's going to be a good day.  Yeah, I played well today but hit a few balls in the water as you can expect around here.  But today there was no water balls.  Played well.  So, yeah, it was a nice finish.

Q.  And some beauties out there, as well, that you can really puff your chest out and say, that was lovely.
JAMES MORRISON:  Yeah, especially the bunker shot at the last, that was pretty cool.  Hit some lovely shots and played really well.  I'm looking forward to the weekend.

Q.  You should be looking forward to just about every week the way you're playing at the moment and I take it you're able to shrug off what happened last Sunday, as well, easy enough.
JAMES MORRISON:  Definitely, it was very disappointing.  I've worked very hard to get to this point and all the hard work has come together and my brain is in a good position.  It's a matter of sticking with it.  I learned from all the positives last week and moving onto this week.  It's kind of paying off.

Q.  I appreciate the first round didn't end as you'd wanted but did it help that the family was on hand the minute that you came off; Bob the dinosaur was there, as well?
JAMES MORRISON:  Yeah, Bob the dinosaur was there, my little boy's dinosaur, Bob.  His first toy that won't go out of his sight.  We lost him last night but found him again at reception, so tears were shed.  But it makes it a lot easier with the family there and it makes making six feel very insignificant when you've got the little man there.

Q.  And especially when you tie that in with being Spanish Open champion, as well, it all goes together, doesn't it?
JAMES MORRISON:  It all kind of falls into place.  Those sort of things never happen when you're playing badly but that's the way it goes and I'm enjoying it.

Q.  Is The Open Championship on your mind?
JAMES MORRISON:  Don't mention that.  It is kind of, yeah.  Especially after last weekend, if I finished top two, I'd have finished in the top two on the Order of Merit which would have got me into the Open.  Played in The Open once.  Love to be back there again.  Feel my game is in good enough shape to compete at The Open.  Just want to squeeze in there if I can.  But a lot of golf ahead and a lot of water dodging before then.

Q.  I gather by the way you say that you have that on the back burner, that's one of those wonderful bonuses; a very big bonus.
JAMES MORRISON:  It's a very big bonus.  You always want to play in a major, especially one at St. Andrews, too.  It is what it is, so fingers crossed I can do it.

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