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June 30, 2015

Aljaz Bedene


A. BEDENE/R. Stepanek
5‑7, 1‑6, 6‑4, 6‑3, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ How did it feel, your first victory here at Wimbledon in front of a British crowd?
ALJAZ BEDENE:テつ Yeah, really happy.テつ The first three sets I didn't play well.テつ I was too nervous.テつ But, yeah, I guess when I notice I can lose this, I started to play better.
I was really satisfied with the fourth and fifth sat.テつ I can't say that for the first three sets.テつ But a win is a win, so I'm really happy.

Q.テつ Do you feel a part of it now, the Wimbledon experience, your first as a Brit?
ALJAZ BEDENE:テつ Well, I mean, winning as a Brit, and my first win in a Grand Slam here at Wimbledon, it feels amazing.テつ I was really happy.
I was trying to visualize it at 4‑All when I made the break.テつ I got tears in my eyes.テつ Yeah, it was really emotional.テつ Yeah, I feel really happy.

Q.テつ I heard the roar go up from the crowd when you won it.テつ Must be the greatest feeling you've had?
ALJAZ BEDENE:テつ Yeah, I mean, it was really good.テつ I felt amazing, got goosebumps.テつ Yes, all the emotions came out when I lifted the arms after.テつ Yeah, it was emotional.テつ I feel really, really glad that I got through.

Q.テつ The last two years you played here as a Slovenian.テつ Talk about the difference in support compared to the last two years.
ALJAZ BEDENE:テつ I'm trying to remember.テつ Yeah, it wasn't the same.テつ I was playing on smaller courts, although 8 is not the biggest court.テつ It just felt amazing, all of the people behind me.テつ Although he had a few supporters as well from Czech.
Yeah, it just felt different obviously.テつ Yeah, I'm really happy they came to cheer for me.テつ It helped.

Q.テつ Is it even better that it was a good day for British tennis?テつ Are you aware of the other results?
ALJAZ BEDENE:テつ Yeah.テつ Even yesterday when Liam got that win, I was really happy for him.テつ And I saw James in the ice bath.
Yeah, it feels amazing to be part of that.テつ As I said in one of the interviews, I feel there can be four or five players in the second round.テつ It happened.テつ Yeah, I'm really glad.

Q.テつ The process has taken a long time for you to get where you are.テつ That win, does it make you feel more British in a funny kind of way?
ALJAZ BEDENE:テつ I don't know if the British passport just help me get through today.テつ But definitely the crowd helped me got through with it.
I mean, if I continue this way, get more wins at Wimbledon, I'll be really happy.

Q.テつ Do you think your arrival as a Brit will make the Brit's play better in the future, more competition for them?
ALJAZ BEDENE:テつ I believe it will benefit all of us, yeah.テつ As you can see, four of us in the second round, that's a good step forward.テつ Yeah, I do think this is going to benefit all of us.

Q.テつ You have a tough game on Thursday.テつ Do you start thinking straightaway of the next thing or do you get a chance...
ALJAZ BEDENE:テつ I've got doubles tomorrow.テつ Yeah, singles are still the priority.テつ I'll try to focus on that after tomorrow's doubles.
But, yeah, I just want to get a nice dinner today with the team and, yeah, get all the emotions out, I guess.
Yeah, it will be, I guess, a tough night, but I'll try to relax and stay away from tennis, at least for tonight.

Q.テつ Not going to watch the highlights then?
ALJAZ BEDENE:テつ I was really enjoying the dive today.テつ I don't know if anyone seen it.テつ It maybe changed the whole match.テつ It was in the fifth set.テつ I was 2‑1 down, 30‑All, second serve.テつ He hit on the net, and it just went over.テつ I just dived.テつ I didn't know what to do, so I dived and got the point at the end.テつ I think it just turned.テつ He made a few mistakes after that.テつ I want to see that.

Q.テつ He seemed to be getting grumpy at times, especially in the first set when you broke him to take that set, with the umpire.テつ Were you aware of that?テつ Do you think it was gamesmanship by him?
ALJAZ BEDENE:テつ Well, I was warned by that because he always plays games.テつ Yeah, that's his game, to just talk to the referee to get maybe more friends on his side.
Yeah, I was aware of that and I wasn't too confused.テつ I mean, there were so many balls close obviously.テつ But he was just talking to the referee maybe a little bit too much.テつ I mean, that's his thing.

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