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June 30, 2015

James Ward


J. WARD/L. Vanni
6‑7, 6‑2, 6‑4, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Seemed you needed to lose that first set, kicked you into life, never looked back after that?
JAMES WARD:テつ Really?テつ The guy served unbelievable in that first set.テつ I don't know if you was watching the same thing.テつ Played one bad point in the tiebreak, hit a backhand long, he comes up with a couple big serves on the line.テつ Not much that you can do.
I thought I played well and picked myself up after the first set.

Q.テつ Made some good challenges, particularly in the last two sets.テつ Could you sense then...
JAMES WARD:テつ Yeah, a little bit.テつ I mean, he's a pretty calm guy.テつ He laughs it off.テつ I don't think it was getting to him that much.
But, yeah, he had a couple good challenges as well.テつ A massive forehand that just touched the line.テつ I think it was pretty even in the end.テつ Obviously there were a couple of calls which I was a bit surprised about.テつ As I say, it was pretty even.

Q.テつ Real rapport going with the crowd.テつ You would like to be on one of the show courts for round two.
JAMES WARD:テつ Yeah, I mean, you can't expect to play on a show court if I'm playing a guy who most of the public don't really know.
When David Ferrer pulled out, people started talking about an easy draw.テつ No one is easy.テつ Every player here is here by right.テつ He also sees it as a good draw playing me rather than playing a top player.
Don't get me wrong, lucky to get in.テつ But he played well.テつ I thought, yeah, it was a good match.

Q.テつ Is there a real satisfaction, sort of changing the dynamic of the match in your own mind, when he pulled out, somebody you wanted to have a go at, he was a lucky loser.
JAMES WARD:テつ Yeah, of course.テつ I was prepared to play forever.テつ He obviously only pulled out a couple days before.テつ A completely different matchup, as well.テつ Runs, long rallies, doesn't miss.テつ Everyone knows how he plays.
Then I play Vanni.テつ I didn't know him that well.テつ I've seen him on the challenger tour, but I never played him.テつ He normally plays a lot more on clay.
Completely different.テつ Has a big serve.テつ Tough to deal with him.テつ On grass, everyone serves well.

Q.テつ Four British men into the second round.テつ I believe it's the first time in 10 years we've had that.テつ Does that give you an extra sense of pride?
JAMES WARD:テつ Yeah, I think everyone's picked their game up.テつ Everyone's been playing well coming into the tournament.テつ Everyone's ranking is improving.テつ Yeah, it's good to have a few more guys playing well and winning matches.

Q.テつ Is there any reason?テつ You say people are picking up their game.テつ Any reason you can fathom for that?
JAMES WARD:テつ I can't speak for anyone else, just myself.テつ You just keep knocking at the door.テつ I've had a few injuries recently.テつ Sat at the same ranking for a while.テつ It's been quite frustrating, maybe not getting the results that a lot of you guys expect, and also the expectations I have of myself.
Sometimes you got to deal with it and just get ready for when you do have a chance.テつ That was today.テつ Thankfully I took it.

Q.テつ How much did your super performance in the Davis Cup give you the self‑confidence to do what you did today?
JAMES WARD:テつ It does.テつ I try and keep pretty calm on court when I can.テつ And, yeah, knowing that I can last over five sets and play at a good level against top players, it's good to have in the bank.

Q.テつ Slightly different track.テつ Three years since you were in the second round.テつ Since then Arsenal have won a couple trophies as well.
JAMES WARD:テつ Been a bit more successful than me (smiling).
Loving Arsenal at the moment.テつ Can't complain.テつ Hopefully with Petr Cech signing is always good.テつ I think we need another striker, which would be my advice.テつ I'm sure they're not going to listen to me.

Q.テつ Any striker in particular?
JAMES WARD:テつ It's tough.テつ I want to name someone who's done it.テつ Want somebody that is going to bang in goals.テつ Not sure about Martinez from Porto that everyone is talking about, I don't think is good enough.テつ Really need a Higuain or someone like that, or Benzema, someone who is really established.

Q.テつ Physically, how are you after that?
JAMES WARD:テつ I feel all right.テつ I've had, as I say, some problems with my foot the last few weeks.テつ Got some taping on.テつ Just going to go see the physio now.

Q.テつ Just managing it?
JAMES WARD:テつ Yeah.テつ It's all right.テつ Moving around fine, I'm playing all right.

Q.テつ You spoke about it at Queen's.テつ Obviously you want to do well.テつ Davis Cup, second singles place, a couple weeks ago way.テつ You still confident that that is yours?
JAMES WARD:テつ I don't know what I'm allowed to say or not.
Look, I keep putting myself in a position.テつ I've won a lot of matches on that stage, which all of you know.テつ Of course, I'd love to play again.テつ Why wouldn't I?テつ I'm sure everyone else wants to play, Kyle, Liam.
But, yeah, for the sake of my Davis Cup experience, hopefully winning a few more matches this week, not just stopping at one, will help me to get the second place.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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