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June 30, 2015

Heather Watson


H. WATSON/C. Garcia
1‑6, 6‑3, 8‑6

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  How difficult was it to start again this morning and get going again after the break?
HEATHER WATSON:  Yeah, I think that was my first time ever stopping a match due to bad light.  So it was a new experience for me.
But I just made sure that today when I went on the court I was already sweating, I was ready to go, fired up.  I think that was very important just to start the match well, not like I did the day before.

Q.  Were you tempted at all to continue last night, given that you had won that set, had momentum on your side?
HEATHER WATSON:  Yeah, I did have the momentum.  I was starting to feel good with my tennis and my game.
But I think we wouldn't have finished the match yesterday.  So I think it was the right decision to finish at the end of the set.
Also we would have had to play without Hawkeye.  There were quite a few calls that weren't great, so I was pleased with my decision, especially now.

Q.  Now you've won, you can't be accused of any sour grapes, were you particularly happy about playing Court No. 12, fourth match on?  Is that a great way to treat the British No.1?
HEATHER WATSON:  I was supposed to be on Court2, so it's nobody's fault that all those matches went on very long.  These things happen.  You just have to deal with it.  It's the same for both players.
I'm not complaining about anything right now.

Q.  The turning point in the game last night seemed to be when you got a couple of calls that got overturned by Hawkeye.  Did you feel you needed that last night to get juices running, because you started playing very well after that?
HEATHER WATSON:  I started the match very flat.  I'm not sure why.  I warmed up great.  I felt good before the match.
But these things happen.  I waited for a long, long time before I went on.
And, yeah, at the beginning of that match, I was kind of finding it quite hard to see with the light, as well.  I know it's the same for both players.  But I'm just glad I was able to get in in that second set, otherwise it could have been over before it even started.

Q.  How important is it to have a British woman in the second round, just for the momentum of the sport in this country?
HEATHER WATSON:  Well, I think it's great that we had all these players that we did in the main draw this year.  I think all of us were very dangerous in these first rounds.
It's great for the British women in tennis at the moment.  I think our Fed Cup team will be looking very dangerous later on.

Q.  At 5‑4, you saved three match points.  Looking pretty hairy at that point.
HEATHER WATSON:  Did I save three?  Somebody told me it was two.  I have no idea (smiling).
I only thought for a second that it maybe wasn't meant to be this time.  But I said, No matter what, if she wants this match, she's going a have to win it, I'm not going to give it to her.  I just stuck in there.  Before I knew it, it was now my turn to close the match.
I had quite a few chances leading up to that point to break in two of her service games.  Then I was serving out the match.
But, you know, it was tense.  It was a first‑round match.  I'm just pleased that I was able to correct my mistakes the second time, serving out the match.  I made sure I made a few more first serves.  I think that made the difference.

Q.  You had a code violation at a difficult point in the match.  How hard was that to deal with?
HEATHER WATSON:  Yeah, I did.  It happened, and I just had to deal with it.  I wasn't going to let that ruin any of my chances to win this match.  So I just had to put it behind me.  Just had to make sure I don't do it again.

Q.  What did you do?  It wasn't clear.  Last night you got one for racquet abuse.
HEATHER WATSON:  She gave it to me for audible obscenity.  She didn't like me, that's for sure.

Q.  Have you got your mom and dad this week and how important is it this time around?
HEATHER WATSON:  Yes, I have both of them.  With all this going on, I've hardly seen them.  I also have my grandma here, which is nice as well.  And lots of friends have come along to watch me and support me play.
It just makes Wimbledon so much more exciting for me.  I love them here watching and supporting me.  Also just the crowd, the support.  It just makes the experience really fun.
When you're back on those practice courts in some country just training hard, whatever, and it's not easy.  For moments like this, it makes it all worth it.

Q.  Can you tell us a little bit about your gram?
HEATHER WATSON:  It's my dad's mother.  This is the second time she's been to Wimbledon.  She watched me last year play against Kerber on Centre Court and she said it was the best day of her life.

Q.  How nervous were you closing out the match?
HEATHER WATSON:  I was actually quite nervous.  Going to serve the first time, I don't think I made a first serve to close that game out.  She took advantage of that.
Second time around, I made sure I made my first serves.  That just made all the difference.

Q.  Next round, do you see it as an incentive if you win there you might end up facing Serena?
HEATHER WATSON:  All I'm thinking about is my next match.  I'm playing Daniela Hantuchova next.  She's an experienced player.  She's been at the top of the game.  She plays very well on grass.  So it definitely won't be easy.
But I really look forward to playing her again, as I played her last year in the Australian Open.

Q.  You walked in with the stat sheets.  Do you use those a lot after matches?  How deeply do you get into analyzing matches afterwards?  Do you use those?
HEATHER WATSON:  Yes, I use stats and tactics a lot.  That's a big part of my game.  I play differently depending on who I'm playing, whether I'm more aggressive, whether I'm more solid, which spots I'm going to hit more.
So I've just been given these, so I haven't looked over them.
But even before I played Caroline today, I watched a lot of video, all the stats from her previous matches on the grass courts in the last few weeks.

Q.  How far do you think you are away from becoming a seed yourself now at Grand Slams?
HEATHER WATSON:  Well, my ranking is still a bit far away.  I feel like I've had great results this year, but I just haven't been consistent enough at all.  That's why my ranking shows how it does.
But tennis‑wise, I feel I'm there.  I feel great.  Even when I'm not playing my best, I feel I can get through tough matches against really tough players.  That's just a real positive for me for when I am playing my best.

Q.  When you came on court today, throughout today's play, you seemed more pumped up than when you started yesterday.  Do you need to be sort of pumped up to play your game?
HEATHER WATSON:  Absolutely.  Like I said, yesterday I was just so flat.  I needed to be pumped up because I started the match so flat yesterday.  Too many mistakes.  Not moving.
Today it was one set and that was it.  I needed to make sure I had a good start.  That's why I came on the court already sweating, very motivated.

Q.  Did you do anything to pump yourself up?  Listen to music?
HEATHER WATSON:  Yeah, I always listen to music before I go on, or upbeat, fast, dancy stuff.  Just doing a lot more than I would usually do before the beginning of a match.  I warmed up for a good half hour non‑stop, quick stuff, lots of sprints just to make sure I was ready.

Q.  After code violations, you slapped yourself on the thigh.  Can we expect to see more overt aggression from you in the future?  It's good to watch.
HEATHER WATSON:  Hopefully controlled aggression.  It doesn't feel so good after the match.

Q.  How is the thigh, by the way?
HEATHER WATSON:  You know what, I don't even feel it when I do it.  There's always a bit of a red mark after.
It's the heat of the moment.  I don't even know what I'm doing till after it's done.  I don't even realize I've done it.  And, yeah, I say things that I shouldn't say.  I apologize to anybody that's offended.  I need to control it, and I just can't.

Q.  You said you haven't had a match stopped by bad light before.  How did you deal with it going home last night, knowing you had to come back today?  Did it affect your sleep or anything like that?
HEATHER WATSON:  Well, after this match yesterday, I just raced off this court.  I wanted to get everything done as soon as possible so I could get back, eat, recover, and rest for the next day.
Usually I'm quite slow in the things I do.  I like a lot of time.  But I just wanted to make sure I had all the time possible to recover and get ready for tomorrow, today.  And I actually slept like a baby last night.  Had no trouble.  As soon as I got into bed, I just passed out.

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