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June 30, 2015

Louis Oosthuizen


THE MODERATOR: We'd like to welcome L O into the interview room here at the Greenbrier Classic. First of all, welcome back to West Virginia. Just some comments on being here this week.

LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Yeah, I mean it's second time for me coming back here. I enjoyed it really two years ago. Got the family here it's a great spot. Really looking forward to the week.

THE MODERATOR: Coming off a fabulous performance at Chamber's Bay, not a great start, but then you set a US Open open record for the lowest 54-hole score with a 199; closed with a 29. Just take us a little bit through that week and the finish you had.

LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Yeah, it was obviously a really tough week on everyone. Mentally and physically it was probably the longest walk by far for the year out on a golf course. Yeah, it was a links-style golf course. There was a lot of shot making around there. Obviously not the greatest start I wanted for the tournament, but finished strongly. I think at the end being one short, you know, a lot of times probably I could have saved one in the first 18 holes.

THE MODERATOR: Speaking of links-style golf, two weeks away from the Open Championship at St. Andrews. Just talk a little bit about your preparations as you try to defend there.

LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Yeah, really looking forward to going back to St. Andrews. Always enjoy playing there. You know, probably my favorite golf course in the world, so, yeah, looking forward to it. I'm getting my game in good shape; I'm playing well. Obviously last week really disappointed. I think I made all my birdies on the back nine at Chamber's Bay on Sunday and only made one last week in two rounds. Hopefully I make a few more this week. But playing well. I'm hitting the ball well, and looking forward to St. Andrews.

Q. This is usually a birdie-fest here. Got to make a bunch this week. I don't know if you had a chance, did you get a practice round yesterday? What do you see in the golf course? Any changes or what? Or do you expect the same type of deal here?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: I haven't been out. I'm going to play nine holes this afternoon. But what I can remember, is, yes, a lot of birdies. But I like the golf course. I think I finished 20th or something last time I was here and didn't putt well that week but hit the ball really well. But, yeah, like I say, it's a nice spot for me to come back to, and I feel the game is there to have a good week.

Q. The 29, 54-hole record and all that, how do you mentally prepare yourself to continue a streak like that? Because that's pretty impressive, but then there is last week. That's got to be frustrating.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Yeah, it was very frustrating last week. I just couldn't get going. Once I hit a good shot it was followed up by a poor one. Missed the fairway and things like that. So it was obviously frustrating. The whole week I felt a little sort of lazy, tired. I couldn't really get going in anything I did, just practice-wise, warming up, everything. So, yeah, took a lot out of me at Chamber's Bay, but, I mean, a lot of guys played there as well. But, yeah, I feel the game is still there and I'm mentally still on that high note, and I hope for a good week this one.

Q. How do you get up for a tournament like this basically tucked between the Open and the British and just trying to maintain the focus and the motivation for a tournament like this one?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Yeah, every week you take as it comes. This one I think I'm working on a few things still in my game to get where I want it to be. I think before a major, close to a major, you always work on those little things. By the time you get there you just want to play. You don't want to still be working on things. Again, once a tournament starts on Thursday, you forget about the Open in two weeks' time. You're playing this week and trying to win this week. You know, take it as it comes, one shot at a time, and hopefully maintain the focus and do well.

Q. You got another 29 in you here? That number has popped up here a couple times.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: It would be nice. Never say no to a 29. But, yeah, you know, a lot of golf to be played. It's a good golf course. You need to hit it well, and like you say, there are a lot of birdies out there. So if you're not going to be giving yourself birdies opportunities, then you're going to fall behind in the field.

Q. You do you anything, the hotel gig, like, you know, the falconry or some of the other stuff they do around here?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: I didn't last time. I might go and try and fish a bit this week. Yeah, I think we got the two concerts which my wife is really looking forward to, so I'm going with, yeah.

Q. You big country music guy?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Oh, yeah, I love it.
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