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June 29, 2015

Naomi Broady


7‑6, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Just wasn't meant to be today, was it?
NAOMI BROADY:  No.  I'm obviously disappointed with the loss.  Going into the match, I was quite confident.  I've had a good grass season overall and took some top players to close matches.
Yeah, I'm obviously quite disappointed.

Q.  Do you feel that you're kind of nearly there, you just need to win one of these close matches?
NAOMI BROADY:  Yeah, during the year, if you look at my results, I've played a lot of players who are in good form, and lost a lot of close matches.
I feel like it's just that little break that I need.  Even just the grass season alone, I've lost two of the matches 6 in the third.
I didn't play my best tennis today for sure, but I managed to give her a close match and did the best I could with what I had today.

Q.  Any idea why it didn't go well for you today?
NAOMI BROADY:  Uhm, that's tennis.  You can't play your best tennis every day.  Like I said, just got to work with what you've got.  I tried my best to do that.
I don't think my serve percentage was as high as it could be, but I still managed to get a few aces.  It was quite tricky with the sun.  Quite a bit shadow across the courtfrom one end.  The other end it was quite in the eye a bit.  It was the same for both players, of course.
Yeah, that's just one of the days, I guess.

Q.  Your brother won.  Did it feel slightly surreal playing at Wimbledon with your brother on the same day?
NAOMI BROADY:  Yeah, it was really good.  I would rather if we were on different days.  I didn't get to watch all of his match.  I watched as much as I could, but I had to prepare for my own match as well.
Plainly in the day, I can't use too much energy watching him, because I obviously got really nervous.  Really pleased that he won.

Q.  When did you have to leave?
NAOMI BROADY:  After the second set.  So maybe I was a bad omen.

Q.  Was he there watching you today?
NAOMI BROADY:  I have no idea.  I don't know.  I guess he might have left.  He's probably tired after a very long five‑set match.

Q.  Will you celebrate together tonight?
NAOMI BROADY:  I won't be celebrating.  I have doubles tomorrow as well.  I'm surely Liam will be celebrating with an early night.  He has to recover as quickly as he can now.  I don't know if he has doubles tomorrow.  I'm not sure.
He obviously has his next singles match on Wednesday.  I don't know who he plays.  But why not could he win that one?  No celebrating yet for him.  I wouldn't let him.

Q.  He was saying to us earlier he wasn't sure if his win would change anything about his relationship with your dad.  Can you see things getting reconciled on the back of this special win?
NAOMI BROADY:  I have no idea.  Sorry.

Q.  Tend to stay out of it?

Q.  So close the first set.  Do you feel you were getting into your groove, and tiebreak came unfortunately?
NAOMI BROADY:  Yeah, I don't think there were any breaks in the first set.  I had a set point on her serve.  I struggled a bit with her slice today.
I think the main reason of the match, why I didn't feel comfortable, was to the credit of my opponent.  She played a really good game plan.  I was trying to do the same to her.  I guess she executed hers better.

Q.  How far do you think your brother can go?  He seems to be making a lot of progress.  Are you pretty excited about his future?
NAOMI BROADY:  Yeah, definitely.  I think I read one of the Wimbledon tweets that there's 37 men over 30 years old in the draw this year.  So for him to be 20 years old and get through his first round is amazing.
Tennis in general, the players are getting older and older, but especially in the men.  So he's still so young and he's going to improve in all the areas of his game in the future.  But he's doing fantastic.

Q.  Do you think when you're over the disappointment of your personal loss, you'll look back on it as quite an achievement for your family that the first brother and sister in 37 years to have made it into the main draw?
NAOMI BROADY:  Yeah, definitely.  I think it's quite tough sometimes.  We're judged on this one tournament almost.  We work hard all year.  Unfortunately no one gets to see the rest of it.  If we don't perform well at Wimbledon, we're seen as sort of undeserving to the wild cards.
But it's quite tough to get a wild card for Wimbledon.  They don't just hand them out to anyone.  That's why they don't hand them out to all the British.  They've given them to the players they feel deserve them.
I'm proud to have got one.  I'm grateful.  I know it's going to fund my tennis again for another year.  Obviously I'm not done yet.  I've still got doubles and hopefully mixed doubles.  I'm going to sign in for that with Liam.
I'm proud of myself, and I'm sure some people will have some negative comments when the wild cards lose in the first round.  But fortunately they don't comment for the rest of the year, so that's fine by me.

Q.  What do you most admire about the way your brother plays?  What aspect of his game?
NAOMI BROADY:  Mentally he's improved so much.  Like today, to come back from two sets to love down, it's such a strong thing to be able to do.  I'm not sure if he's played a five‑set match, not at that level anyway.  I suppose he hasn't.
But his groundstrokes.  Obviously he's left‑handed, so that helps him a lot.  His serve.  Yeah, he's really a great player.

Q.  We've had Henman and Murray.  Is it too much for British fans to hope he could be in their sort of quality?
NAOMI BROADY:  No, I don't think so.  I think it's nice he and Kyle are similar age.  Hopefully they'll come up through the rankings together.  It eases the pressure off them if they have someone to compete with, share the spotlight with.
Yeah, I hope they both do well.  Kyle is a really nice kid, as well.  But obviously I'm extra proud of Liam.  He's my brother, so...

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