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June 28, 2015

Clint Bowyer


THE MODERATOR:  We're joined by our third‑place finisher Clint Bowyer, the driver of the No.15 5‑Hour Energy Toyota.  This is your best finish of the year and fifth top 10 this season.  Talk about the restart at the end.
CLINT BOWYER:  Yeah, it was wild.  I mean, we were on tires there and you knew there was going to be some of them that stayed out, and unfortunately I was kind of on that outside line, and my only chance was to just try to hammer my way up through them and then Kyle was able to sneak up on the inside of them and kind of beat me to the punch line and went on to win the race.
Yeah, you hate to be in that situation.  You've got to get rough, you've got to get aggressive.  Matt and I got hooked up and about gave away our whole day there.  It just turned me right, and damn near wrecked.  But good weekend for the 5‑Hour Energy Toyota.
Obviously when you come out here, we've won before, we've run really well here.  I wanted to win really bad.  Got an opportunity there and just couldn't capitalize.

Q.  You say you made the effort but, quote, it just didn't come through for you.  At moments like this.  Forgive me, but do you really understand what you're saying when you say it just didn't come through for me?  What does that mean?
CLINT BOWYER:  Yeah.  Everybody went high into my groove and opened it up for him and he drove right into it and went on.  He had the right line, and unfortunately I didn't.  It just didn't work out for me.  He beat me to the punch line, beat me to the lead and the rest was history.

Q.  This is a foot and a half we're talking about?
CLINT BOWYER:  Hell, I don't know.  I had about a foot and a half, and they needed to make it six foot wide, had to get aggressive to make it happen, so yeah, mine was a foot and a half, looked like his was a little wider, judging from the looks of his fenders.

Q.  Could you talk to me about that last pit stop?  A lot of people were really praising how that one worked out for you.
CLINT BOWYER:  Yeah, you're damned if you do, damned if you don't there, you know what I mean?  48, he was waiting to see what everybody was going to do and I was going to wait until it was too late for him and then jolt in there, and I saw the 18 go, and I was like, wait, wait, wait, don't go yet.  I was afraid the 48 would try to jerk it in there.
Just, you know, just to get that close and can't seal the deal, it's been a long time since we've won, but we're trying.  I was digging hard.  Guys brought me a great race car.  We were fast all weekend long, and we were close.

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