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June 28, 2015

Retief Goosen


Q.テつ Presumably a good week here in Munich?
RETIEF GOOSEN:テつ It was a beautiful week.テつ The weather was unbelievable.テつ The golf course is the best I've ever seen it.テつ They made quite a few changes since I last played here.テつ It's turned out to be a pretty good track.

Q.テつ The way you were scoring on the front nine, were you excited about possibilities?
RETIEF GOOSEN:テつ Yeah, unfortunately all came to a halt on No. 11.テつ Hit a bad shot into the green and ended up making six.テつ Was a struggle from there on, but it was nice to finish with a couple of birdies.テつ It was a good overall week.テつ I really enjoyed being back out here on The European Tour.

Q.テつ Given your fairly recent history, I suppose it's lovely being up there and being competitive, isn't it?
RETIEF GOOSEN:テつ True.テつ Three years ago, I was probably thinking about not playing golf anymore, so it's nice still to be able to be out here and give it a crack.テつ It's always nice to come and play here and play well.

Q.テつ Does that mean you take plenty of positives and there are some very good weeks ahead?
RETIEF GOOSEN:テつ Yes, yes.テつ I'm looking forward to a nice week off next week, although it's quite a busy week with a lot of charity stuff.テつ And then back to the States and then hopefully back for the British Open.

Q.テつ You said you're totally injury‑free and no pain, which is marvelous after the troubles you've had.
RETIEF GOOSEN:テつ Definitely.テつ Coming out of surgery with no pain at the moment, three years down the line, almost three years, is amazing.テつ It's like a second lease on life, and in a few yearsテや time, I'll be on the Seniors and hopefully I'll kill it out there.

Q.テつ Does that mean your attitude, your approach is any different from what it used to being?
RETIEF GOOSEN:テつ No.テつ Golf we always feel like we can win and do better.テつ I know I can do a lot better.テつ Today it was nice to finally make a few putts.テつ Unfortunately I didn't hit the right shots on the back nine that cost me bogeys but it's nice to be up there and sort of feeling like having sort of a chance.テつ I knew I'd finish pretty strong.テつ I felt probably 16‑, 17‑under is going to be the winning score.

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