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June 1, 2003

Kenny Perry


JACK NICKLAUS: Kenny, you know, I'm not usually good at interviews. I'll start the thing. I suppose you want to go through your round.

KENNY PERRY: Sure. I will tell you what, guys, that front 9 was probably the best 9 I played in a long time. I shot some good rounds last week, but to shoot 32 on that 9 through those winds and that conditions really set up this victory for me. You know, the first hole, I hit a 3-wood off the tee and I hit a 5-iron as far right on the right side of the green. I probably had about a 40-footer straight across the green, dead pin-high and that putt was really fast. I ran it about 4 feet by and I made a nice four-footer coming back and than settled me down. I hit a beautiful drive on 2. I hit a 7-iron and it landed 2 feet from the hole and it rolled off into the back fringe back there and I made a beautiful putt probably about a fifteen footer back about 10 to 12 inches. I got that in and that really settled me down. I'm thinking, all right, we're going to do okay.

On 4, I hit probably the best shot of the week I hit a 5-iron within 3 feet of the hole. If it would have kept going, it probably would have went in the hole. I missed the putt. I hit an awesome 5-iron. That didn't discourage me. I'm thinking as far as what I need to do, make a lot of pars. Then I hit a beautiful drive on the next hole, par-5, I laid it up with a 6-iron, I hit it ten feet below the hole. Lee made his first putt for birdie and I was able to top him and that kind of kept the momentum going on my side.

7, I hit a good drive and a 3-wood right in the front bunker. Perfect place to be right on the up slope I blasted it 2 feet left of the hole. Nice tap-in there for birdie. 8, I hit a 2-iron off the tee. I was in a divot, a semidivot. It was thin and long, my ball was sitting down, I'm thinking I had 163. I probably hit the best 8-iron I hit within 6 inches to the right of the hole. An unbelievable shot. It came off perfect. So there I go, I shoot 32 which was cruising. I was able to par 10, 11, 12, I hit a beautiful putt. I hit it in the front bunker. I blasted it six feet behind the hole I was able to make a curler there. Then I hit and I just holed my drive a little on 13. The wind was left-to-right it bled a little in the right rough and I drew a real bad lie. So I ironed it right in front and I hit my chip and got it on the green. I had a 20-footer and I 2-putted for bogey.

Then the next hole, hit a beautiful 4-iron, 107 to the hole, hit a sand wedge, mishit it, it landed to the front of the green and spun back off. I thought I was more uphill through the fringe I thought it was going to slow it down. These greens were rolling so fast, so beautiful this week. It went six feet by.

15 is what did it for me. I hit a big drive, 3-iron on the green. I didn't hit an approach putt. I left it 4 feet short but I was able to hole that one and Lee birdied 2. I kept a 4-stroke cushion. I just kept having that cushion, which was nice. I hit a nice 5-iron on the next hole, which rolled in the back fringe on the collar. It was messing with my stroke, I came up short again and missed another putt for bogey. I hit a good drive on 17, 178 to the hole. We watched Lee's ball come up short over the creek down there. I'm thinking, maybe there is more. I took another club and swang easy, got over the top of it. Thank goodness it didn't come down. I hit a beautiful pitch and missed another little put. I hit a 2-iron down the middle. A 4-iron long and I knew I had a 3-shot cushion. And I knew if Lee didn't make it, I could two- or three-putt from there and chipped it past the hole and got out of there.

I shot 40 in the back. I'm mentally and physically exhausted. The two weeks have been exhausting. I never experienced the press, and people pulling for me. All of the phone calls. It's just been a fabulous week for me.

Q. How do you explain last two weeks?

KENNY PERRY: I don't think you can. I think it was just my time.

Q. Why were you messing with your swing, where you hit a 5-iron on the par-3, you said you thought, well, you holed it here and there. Why were you messing with your swing back there on the backside?

KENNY PERRY: I wasn't.

Q. I thought you said that you tried something with your swing?

KENNY PERRY: No, that's the last thing that I tried to do. I was hitting decent shots. The bogey I made on 16, the 5-iron landed past the pin. The greens are firm. I hit a it a hair low. I didn't get enough altitude on the 5-iron. I came a little low, little high and it scooted over to the back, which was it was supposed to do. I lost feel with my putter. I killed a drive on 17, the toughest driving hole on the course. I blitzed it right between the bunkers and sitting right in the middle straight down at the flag goes, perfect spot, pulled a 6-iron. I pulled a 2-iron on 18. I birdied 18 the first two rounds. I mishit. I hit it too low again. But my arms felt real heavy. I felt like the weight of the world was on me a little bit, I was trying to get it over with and just survive.

Q. You talked about how much confidence you have and you are on the roll of your life. Have you had a chance to contemplate what it means going into a major in two weeks playing as well as you are?

KENNY PERRY: Well, hopefully this week off, I can regroup and keep the same thoughts I have been using with my swing, guide myself, go home and enjoy it and show up at The Open ready to go. I'm looking forward to it. I think I can do real well if I keep driving like I'm doing.

Q. You said you flew under radar in your career?


Q. Can you stay there now?

KENNY PERRY: It's up to you all. I have done something. A lot of people have won back-to-back. I won on 2 terrific golf courses, the 2 best courses we play on TOUR. I have won on tough courses. I won The Hope. It's a 5-day tournament it's a shoot-out. I won on hard courses, where 14 -, 12 -, 13-under wins.

So it's been great. I have always been a steady player. I have never been flashly but I always hit it far enough, straight enough. My short game has been lacking, these last two weeks, I've putted great. That's the difference. I played as well because I made all of the putted I needed to make.

Q. Do you think this can redefine you, make you a different player?

KENNY PERRY: No, I don't think so. I always knew I could win out here. I always felt like my game was good enough. I was not pushing the right buttons at the right time it seemed like. Mentally and emotionally now I'm so much calmer on the golf course. I just feel relaxed for some reason. I feel like when I get into the heat of the shot, I am able to slow down, my heart rate slows down. I slow everything down. I slowed my swing down and I was hitting terrific golf shots.

Q. Kenny, are you driving home or is someone driving you home?

KENNY PERRY: No, I stayed with a family this week, the Eastways, I stayed with Bob and Terry, they live on another golf course here. I don't know if I'm going to go home tonight or not. I may stay.

Q. Are you driving?

KENNY PERRY: I am driving.

Q. (Inaudible.)

KENNY PERRY: I got to go from Indianapolis to meet a buddy of mine.

Q. How tough was it to stay positive or was it tough at all on 18?

KENNY PERRY: Last week I was so excited because I knew I had it going last week. This week I was so drained. I just felt heavy coming down that last hole.

Freddie, my caddy, has been terrific. I played great ever since he got my bag. He got on the bag with me, we won The Buick at Flint. Top 30 the past two years. I played great this year. He has been a huge reason why my success is good. He is very positive, good at getting numbers. He is always on the calculator, he spits numbers at me from other golf tournaments we hit this with this type of wind. Sometimes I tell him, you're going to have to throw that thing away because sometimes he doesn't read it right a few times. But all in all, he is awesome and he has really helped me become a better player. That's been one reason why, too.

Q. Did you see David Toms face the last hole of Charlotte?

KENNY PERRY: I did not.

Q. That was probably a good thing then?

KENNY PERRY: I only heard about it. That happens, he had a huge lead. I don't know what he did to make that number but I didn't have a huge lead. I knew I still had to play that 18th hole. I knew if he makes birdie, somehow I got to make bogey or better.

Q. You talked about going to the next level at times. During the last week, has this gotten you to that next level in your own mind?

KENNY PERRY: I think so. I think so. To beat the best in the world, how can it not? We had a strong field this week. And that excites me to be able to beat the best. I'm very competitive. I always wanted to win at anything I wanted to do. Whether it's checkers, cards, I'm going to try to win. Even though I always felt I didn't have the talent these guys had, I always felt I had the heart and soul and guts to play.

Q. Kenny, can you talk about the reaction you got back home?

KENNY PERRY: Yes, I chartered a jet.

Q. What do you expect this time?

KENNY PERRY: I don't know. I chartered a jet, flew from Dallas to Bowling Green, Kentucky, which is about 20 minutes from my house. My family and friends showed up. My wife went to my closet and gave everyone a Tabasco shirt. Remember how you all talked about my shirts, it was a joke, when I got off every one of them had a Tabasco company shirt on. Our local WTKP-13 was there, our local station. They had a limo there waiting. Everybody went back to my house so we enjoyed the evening.

Q. After this one?

KENNY PERRY: Well, I won't get home until Monday morning. They won't know when I will get there. I will fly under the radar and slide right at home.

Q. When is the last time that you played Country Creek?

KENNY PERRY: The last time I was home. This is my fourth week in a row. I guess the week prior I always go out there. I work with my son. He is 17 years old. He always goes to the course and I work with him.

Q. And what did you shoot?

KENNY PERRY: I couldn't tell you. If you don't shoot 67 or better, you have not played very well.

Q. Who are you meeting in Indianapolis?

KENNY PERRY: Billy Glidden, a real good friend of mine. His dad is Bob Glidden, a Prostock champion. I like to drag race. He is a big drag racer. I left my car there so I'm pulling my truck there, I'm going to pick my car up and tow it home. He has been able to work on it for me.

Q. Kenny, were you looking for a gas station coming in?

KENNY PERRY: Yes, I was. I needed something to refuel me. I was out. The tank was empty, there is no doubt.

Q. Kenny, I wonder if you could talk about the pressure you face when you are building the course and the kids are young and at school, to have to make money and want to be at home, and how much freer or easier you feel now that they are older and are taken care of?

KENNY PERRY: I always played pretty good with my back against the wall. My brother-in-law went took two and a half million dollars and built a golf course. Just me and him. We borrowed the money at the local bank in Franklin. We built the place. With my kids as young as they were, it was stressful. I have been able to do great when my back is against the wall and I needed to play well. I have always been able to do that. That's what's inside of me. I guess that's what makes me better. Now my kids are great, they are doing good. My oldest is a freshman in college. Justin will be a senior. My little one is a sophomore. They called and wished me good luck and they are excited for me. They are doing good. When they are doing good, my mind is freed up and I am able to concentrate and refocus and that's why these last couple of years have been very good for me.

Q. Why don't you have Jack build it?

KENNY PERRY: I would love to. I love his courses.

Q. Did you design the course for slicers?

KENNY PERRY: I did. It's wide open right anywhere on my golf course. Most of you guys would probably like playing there.

Q. Why do you that?

KENNY PERRY: Speed of play. And I wanted them to be able to enjoy it. I built more of an atmosphere than a championship style golf course. I played a lot of in high school at Paxton Park. I loved the atmosphere. I loved the people. I make sure my staff treats every person that comes in there like they are a champion, like they are the only ones there. They enjoy it. It is only 6,700 yards long. It's pretty easy. It's got fairways, grass greens, the greens are rolling. I give them a good product to play on. It's not challenging like in this one is. The guys come up and thank me for it and my town has supported it. It's been a neat project.

Q. This car you are picking up, is it a dragster?

KENNY PERRY: Yes, a drag car.

Q. Do you run dragsters?

KENNY PERRY: Yes. That's what I do in my time off. It runs 165 miles in 8 seconds in a quarter mile. You got to get this tension out of you somehow.

Q. Or in you?


Q. Kenny, you mentioned that you were a steady player not a flashy one. Are you also a streaky one?

KENNY PERRY: These last two weeks I definitely been streaky. '94 I led three tournaments going in Sundays, I won The Hope. I lost to Corey. I finished second in LA at Riviera and I finished second to Peter Jacobsen at Pebble Beach. Last year I had a good chance to win Mercedes. I finished second there. I had the lead with four or five to play there and Chris DiMarco came up to get me there. I have had my runs.

Q. How long do they last?

KENNY PERRY: It looks like three weeks. I hope it's going to be it.

Q. How much of an opportunity have you had to talk to your dad this week?

KENNY PERRY: He has called me, he calls me at night and we talk about it. We are not talking about the round like we used to. He is just excited and he is just thrilled for me. He always says, I knew can you do it. Now you believe in yourself, now go out there and beat them.

Q. Will he call you now?

KENNY PERRY: Yes, I probably got a message on the phone right now.

Q. Kenny, can you talk about how it came about, you know, you started to help out with the David Lipscomb University, helping them out?

KENNY PERRY: I had my card in '84 and '85. I was down on my luck. I went to an elder and said I would like to try the school one more time. He gave me $5,000. He said if you don't make the TOUR, you don't owe me a dime. But if you make the TOUR, we are going to give a percentage back. I blitzed through all of the qualifying stages and made it through and made it on TOUR. So now my career earnings, I have given 550,000 with the David Lipscomb scholarship fund for two kids.

Q. How many kids have go through school?

KENNY PERRY: It's about 13 kids now on the scholarship.

Q. Does your finish worry you at all or do you write it off to being just pooped?

KENNY PERRY: Any time can you win you got to be excited. I was mentally tired. Physically worn out. I never be under this much strain for 2 straight weeks of just being in here every day, talking to you guys, just everybody calling me. I had a lot going through my head and I think I just mentally got tired.

JACK NICKLAUS: But you didn't get mentally tired. You were leading by six shots and he did what he had to do coming home and he protected the lead because you knew you couldn't lose the golf tournament if you weren't stupid.

KENNY PERRY: That's true.

JACK NICKLAUS: So there wasn't anything that you did, you had what you had to win the golf tournament. I got to stand up for you, you know.

KENNY PERRY: Thank you, you're the man. I'm honored. It's nice to be sitting by you.

JACK NICKLAUS: You did what you had to do.

Q. Jack, how many Tabasco shirts are in your closet?

JACK NICKLAUS: I have to go get one if it makes me play better. I need to get red hot, too.

Q. Kenny, you mentioned this before, the historic tournament?

KENNY PERRY: It's neat to win tournaments with tradition and history. Those are great courses. Both of them. You walk by that bronze statute of Ben Hogan, it's pretty cool when you walk by that clubhouse. And to walk the grounds like at Augusta. All of those old courses where all of the greats have played and excelled and done great. It's neat to walk and play the courses that they played. Obviously we played them differently. They are set up differently than the way they played them. But it's just neat to be associated with something that has history and tradition.

Q. What's it like to have your name on the wall of champions at Colonial?

KENNY PERRY: That's awesome. I will definitely go up there and have to get my picture made right by it.

Q. Do you sell Tabasco shirts at your club?

KENNY PERRY: I do not. I don't think anybody would buy them. They are a great company. They are down there in Lousiana. They have been good people to be associated with. They have really been neat.

Q. Kenny, you mentioned about your involvement with dragsters, have the Gliddens talked to you about getting on the NHR circuit?

KENNY PERRY: No, they pushed me away from it. Bruce Allen, he was racing there yesterday. He was qualifying, and he was getting ready make his run. He called me up to congratulate me and wish me luck today. I know quite a few of those guys. It's neat. When the NHR was in Phoenix I went and watched them run. Bob took me up to the starting line with those funny cars. I was shaking when they take off. It's unbelievable, it's awesome.

Q. Have you ever gone out here at Spring National?


Q. During a tournament?

KENNY PERRY: Since I missed the cut -- I have come up here when they have run, yes. I have just come to watch. Last week in Dallas I went to Enas, Texas at the Byron Nelson. They were running in Dallas. I snuck down there and watched them run.

Q. Was there a point between Dallas and Colonial where something clicked or you just played your way in?

KENNY PERRY: I think it was the change of putter that did it. I made a putter switch and automatically my optics were good where I was looking. The ball was going and I felt comfortable over it.

Q. So you were hitting it relatively the same?

KENNY PERRY: I hit it good at Byron. I really did. But I couldn't make it at two feet. I lipped everything out. I hit the hole every time.

Q. You switched from what to what?

KENNY PERRY: A TaylorMade Rossa Monsa to an Odyssey Rossie 1.

Q. Can you and Jack talk about how 17 performed in both of your minds?

KENNY PERRY: Well, he did exactly what he wanted to do. That is a tough hole. Like before I was hitting a driver wedge. You could just bomb it down there. I was hitting it past that waste bunker up the left side and hitting a wedge in that hole. Where now today I killed a driver and I still had 178 yards to the flag stick. A very difficult hole. With that wind, today it was coming out of the northeast. It was whipping right across. The flag was going left to right. It was a very difficult shot to that left front pin placement. All week that hole was a very demanding, very tough. One day it was down when I hit a 3-wood to the tee but I had to hit a 6-iron to the green. I remember my least club was a 7-iron into that hole. But very difficult. You've got to hit great shots on that hole. That's what he wanted. He wanted you to have to play coming in. Thank goodness I had a lead, I could survive by making two bogeys coming in.

Q. Are you happy with it, Jack?

JACK NICKLAUS: Yes, I think it played well. I'm trying to figure out how can I make it tougher for next year. It was the toughest one out there this year. I think it was 4.53 today.

Q. It was yesterday?

JACK NICKLAUS: It played fairly difficult. What I was trying to accomplish, Kenny, was right, you know, it was a driver and a sand wedge, or pitching wedge, whatever it was before. And even if you hit it into the waste bunker, it wasn't much of a shot. That's probably the best place to hit it and miss it. I felt it wasn't enough spice in the hole.

We had the space behind there and playing downwind, downhill I wanted to get it so you had some options. And I think I gave you the options. When you try to carry a ball 260 and you are thinking, I don't want to drive it in that other bunker either. You got to place the shot even though you might hit a driver. I think it did what I wanted. It spiced it up coming home, a lot of conversation about it. I think school is out still yet on the tree short right. I left that tree there because I didn't want to take the tree down. But that tree, if the wind is at your face that tree might be too tough. I haven't made up my mind. That's a possibility. Because I know a lot of guys hit it. But outside of that I think the hole did what I wanted it to do. It's a pretty hole. I think it was only one guy that I read that didn't like it.

Q. Calc?

JACK NICKLAUS: If he didn't like it, it must be good. Am I about right? Close. But anyway, I think it did what I wanted to do. As I said I didn't do the hole to have people like it. I did it because I wanted to bring spice and have it be new. It was going to be controversial. Some guys aren't going to like it.

The 17th at Augusta that they changed, I don't really like that hole what they did to it. But it doesn't make any difference. It's a tough strong golf hole that you got to play and that's what I wanted. I didn't come out for a popularity contest, I came out people to play golf. If Mark didn't like it, or somebody else, that's all right. I think it's a good golf hole.

Q. Kenny, you touched on this earlier, this puts you 5th on the money list, you are closing in on No. 10 in the world rankings, do you feel like you belong there?

KENNY PERRY: You know, I don't look at it that way. To me, world rankings, it's nice to have it. All I want to do is play as good as Kenny Perry can play. If that ranks me up to No. 1, great. But, you know, if I can excel at what I can do that's what matters to me. I don't really care if I am ranked 10th or whatever. I just want to go out there and play good golf.

Q. If you play as well as you can, how high will it take you, how high do you think it can take you?

KENNY PERRY: Don't know. We'll just have to see.

Q. Is it anymore special given the field with Tiger, Ernie, Jack played?

KENNY PERRY: Yes, that's special to me. I very seldom beat Tiger. So it's nice to finally beat him.

Q. One week after beating Annika?

KENNY PERRY: That was a good story. I didn't mind it. She was great.

Q. You don't care where you are ranked but it ties into the Presidents Cup team for the Ryder Cup and that has something to do with your rankings?

KENNY PERRY: Exactly. It's an honor for me to play for Jack this year. I am really looking forward to that. I got to play with Mr. Palmer, Arnie was my captain the first time I played. Now I got Jack. That's pretty special.

Q. Jack, will the tabasco shirt be the shirt?

KENNY PERRY: I don't think so.

JACK NICKLAUS: If it makes us win and be a better team, absolutely. It's the right colors, red, white and blue.

KENNY PERRY: He is going to dress us good, he always does. I know he will.

Q. The wind couldn't have been as bad as it was yesterday?

KENNY PERRY: It was similar conditions. The wind was from the same direction, it was quite as strong. It was warmer. It was raw yesterday. It was cold out there. I got hot in my sweater. But I started out -- it's hard for me to change, so I left the sweater on all day even though I was hot in it. It was very similar conditions.

Q. Did the accumulative affect of the wind the last two days make the pins tough?

KENNY PERRY: The greens dried out and got faster and it was all because of the wind. It is starting to show it's teeth, firm up out there. It was quite a golf course.

Q. Jack, there was a little bit of grumbling when it first announced that the President's Cup was going to South Africa, who would go? I was curious, the meeting you had this week with a number of potential players, how that went and if you sensed a little more enthusiasm about it than when it first came on?

JACK NICKLAUS: Well, as I am told, there hasn't been anybody who is on the list to qualify that doesn't want to go. I think that Tiger, Phil and Davis have all committed to go.

Q. Did they tell you that?

JACK NICKLAUS: That's what they told the TOUR. And I think I told the guys at the meeting, I said, guys, when I went to Australia, I didn't realize that when we went down there, that we had guys down there that didn't really want to play. And I said you know it's a nice trip, a wonderful trip, and if you are going to go I want you to go. I don't want to you go just because you made the team. If you don't want to go, just say so. I don't have any problem with that whatsoever. I want 12 guys that wanted to play golf. And I had a couple of them say, hey, if I have to row a boat to get there I want to go. That was Sluman and Funk. They both said yesterday I don't care how we get there. Stowaway somewhere. They just want to get there. I think I had a nice response. I think they all want to go. That's going to be a nice trip.

Q. What do you think are the concerns?

JACK NICKLAUS: You will find guys will get tired of playing the Presidents Cup and Ryder Cup year after year, year after year. It's always a concern. I think going to South Africa and what's down there, the different things they can do. I think lit be a neat trip. They are going to see a lot of things. A lot of guys have never been there. I think they are going to enjoy it.

JACK NICKLAUS: Have you been down there?

KENNY PERRY: I never been. I like those hunting trips you were talking about. I want to go on some of those. He was telling me about setting at his house, watching the crocodiles getting wildebeest. I was with him. I wouldn't want to go out the back door.

JACK NICKLAUS: We do have an electrical fence between them. We have pictures of crocs, a lion kill something 30 yards from my house. You are in the middle of the wild. But it is neat.

Q. Jack, can we get a comment from you considering the rivalry you had with Lee about him being the honor?

JACK NICKLAUS: I'm delighted that Trevino is going to be honored. Lee has been considered the last few years. What generally happens at the Captain's Club, Bob, they have a list -- the Captain's Club built up a list and they start working on that list and all of a sudden the popularity of one guy builds and it took Lee three of four years of building his popularity with the group to get elected.

I'm glad. Obviously Lee Trevino is a great champion and we wouldn't be complete without honoring him.

Q. A lot of people think of the snake, what is your memory of Lee?

JACK NICKLAUS: My memory of Lee is probably the best ball striker along with Hogan that I have ever seen. He is a tremendous competitor, and somebody that I want to walk down the other side of the fairway when I'm playing with. You know Lee's favorite line. When you walk off, you say Lee, let's just play golf today. I don't want to talk. You don't have to talk, you just have to listen. I have enjoyed competing against Lee. I think he is as good and tough a competitor that I ever played against. He just plays so well. He is a smart player.

Q. Kenny, what kind of car are you picking up?

KENNY PERRY: A Pontiac Grand Am.

Q. Do you have other ones?

KENNY PERRY: I got a 269 Camaro, a 68 Camaro. 267 Chevy 2 Novas. All muscle cars. I love 260's of cars. I always have. I remember my dad bought my sister a 69 Camaro and that is the reason why I got hung on a lot of horsepower. My race car makes a thousand horse power. My street car makes about 500 that I run around the streets at home in. It's just what I like to do. I get in my shop behind my house and I tinker on my cars.

Q. You only have 6?

KENNY PERRY: A Camaro, 2 Novas, a new Corvette sitting in there. So I got 6 back in there behind my house. I got my other car under the trailer. I got a tag trailer that I keep the race car in.

Q. You drive those around town?

KENNY PERRY: Yes, the law, they like me. They are good to me. They will pull up beside me, let's cut it loose. Let's see what they'll do.

JACK NICKLAUS: You have a very friendly town.

KENNY PERRY: That's happened a lot of times. They are good policemen.

Q. Kenny, under the increased media scrutiny, you only played in one British Open, is that going to change?

KENNY PERRY: I don't know. I have not gone over it a lot because it's hard for me to play in those conditions. It's a tremendous tournament. The times I have gone, I have loved it. But to play in 30 or 40 mile an hour wind, I hit it so high that I had to adapt my game to that style of golf. I'm not a good bump and runner. It's hard for me to play that style of golf. I played really good here in the heavy winds.

JACK NICKLAUS: You played pretty good yesterday.

KENNY PERRY: Maybe I am maturing, so it's time for me to go back.

Q. Bring Scott with you?

KENNY PERRY: Mr. Hoch, my buddy. I will talk him into it to. We will get him over there.

Q. Your wife didn't come because your daughter had a dance recital?

KENNY PERRY: That's right. That was hard for me to miss. She is my 15-year-old. She is a good dancer. I love watching her. It's a pretty big show. It's the Christine Dickman dance club. It was in Bowling Green, Kentucky. There was a big stadium and a couple of thousand people watching. It's pretty awesome.

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