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June 28, 2015

Jeff Maggert


Q. Can you tell us what winning a National Championship means to you?
JEFF MAGGERT: Well, obviously, it's important to play well in these types of tournaments, and having an opportunity to win is good. I had a lot of good runs in the U.S. Open over the years and probably lacked a little maturity to pull it off. But certainly, now that I'm an old guy, I've learned a lot and was able to just steady myself and play well.

Q. What was the key moment in the round for you that won it for you today?
JEFF MAGGERT: The good start. I didn't really expect all of those scores today. I really didn't. I figured, come out and shoot 2 or 3 under and you're going to be solid. There were some good scores coming out early. And to birdie the first three holes just kind of set me up for a good round. Gave me a lot of confidence on the ball strike and drove the ball again very well. Just missed a couple greens, but not by a lot. So just what you need to do to win a U.S. Open, fairways and greens.

Q. When you looked at the start of the day and 16 players and the quality of the field at the top, to beat that quality of field to win the U.S. Senior Open, what does that mean?
JEFF MAGGERT: Well, it was a little different, having so many guys close. I mean, and a lot of really good players that have been playing well. So I knew I couldn't go backwards today. I had to get a mindset to go forward and make birdies.
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