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June 28, 2015

Bernhard Langer


THE MODERATOR: Next up, we have Bernhard Langer.

Q. Describe just what the day was like, different than the other days? You obviously were right there most of the day.
BERNHARD LANGER: I had a good start. That was fun. Making eagle on the 1st and then birdie on 4, I guess. I had a good start, but so did Jeff. He birdied the first three in a row. Just hit a couple of really loose shots, I did. Never quite did feel totally comfortable with my swing all week, and it cost me today. There were a couple of tee shots that just put me in very awkward positions or missed the green in a bad spot and just couldn't recover.

Q. Given your position at the beginning of the day, what was your strategy going into this final round?
BERNHARD LANGER: My goal was to shoot probably 4 under, 66 or better. That was my goal. I thought that might have a chance to win. But Jeff played outstanding. I mean, I was with him, obviously, all day. Saw every shot, and he played brilliant. He hardly ever missed everything. He was just striping it down the fairway and on the green and just the matter of making a putt or not. Fun to watch. I just didn't have my A-game today.

Q. It seems like he has the kind of game that fits well in the U.S. Open, a lot of top tens. As you said, everything was in play, right?
BERNHARD LANGER: He was in beautiful rhythm, and he drove the ball magnificent. If you can drive the ball well, you set yourself up. He hit good iron shots on top of that. He made a bomb somewhere, No. 2. I mean, you could put him there a hundred times, he probably wouldn't make it. So it was downhill. If it didn't catch the hole, it would probably would have gone eight or ten feet by. It went in. That was a bonus for him.

Q. A lot of scores in the 60s today, 63, 64, 65, couple of 66s. It seemed like it was more gettable today. Was it unlike a normal U.S. Senior Open?
BERNHARD LANGER: Maybe it was. I'm not sure. I was involved with my own game and stuff. Maybe the pins were -- well, they had the tee up on 15. That was reachable, which it wasn't the last few days for the most part. So that would have been slightly -- probably half a shot easier there, or a shot, if you hit a good tee shot. Otherwise, there were some decent pins and some you could get at. Maybe the players just got used to it and figured out how to play the course. There's a lot of good guys out here.

Q. Talk about with respect to your swing a little bit again because you were holding back on the driver, 3 wood. Did you find yourself sort of ham and egging it, managing your game?
BERNHARD LANGER: Yeah, I had to manage it at the end anyways. I just, I hit too many bad drives. Just like 16, I blocked it 30 yards right. Then I had nothing. Over water, you can't take that on out of the rough. So on 18, I just decided to hit 3 wood, where there was more room, and left me a 2 hybrid in. That was a better game plan than hitting a driver in the rough and laying up again.
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