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June 28, 2015

Colin Montgomerie


THE MODERATOR: We're joined on the podium by Colin Montgomerie, who finished the Championship runner-up at 8 under par.

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Am I just recording, right? So I'm looking at this camera? Okay, perfect. Well, I mean, today I must admit, I thought to get to 8 under would have been good enough, to be honest. All credit to Jeff Maggert for scoring what he's scored because I thought four 68s, that was my target at the start of the week. I started with two 68s, had a 70 yesterday and 66 today. 8 under was my target, and I thought it might be good enough. Even at the start of the day, 5 under leading, I thought 8 might well be good enough. It's just unfortunate that it's come up a couple short. But that's nothing to do with me. That's Jeff Maggert's great play. And all credit to him. You know, he won the Regions Tradition there, the first Major of the year, and he seems to have won this one too. So it's -- just watching Bernhard Langer nearly hole his putt there to tie me for second. But at the same time, it's been a good few weeks, this few weeks I've been over here. I was third in Boston in the PLAYERS Championship major. Then to make the cut at Chambers Bay in the U.S. Open was great. To come here tired, very tired, and to put a good performance up, it's always nice to, when you are defending a title, to defend it properly. I did more than that. I nearly got it here. So I'm thrilled with the way I'm playing. I'm off now to L.A. airport to fly directly back to London to try and qualify for The Open Championship Tuesday morning. I get in Monday night. 36 holes in the day. I'll be tired then, I can assure you. But all credit to Jeff Maggert for his performance today.

Q. Is there one or two places in the round where you thought, I might have been able to get it?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yes, indeed. After I birdied the 8th to get to 4 under for the day -- no, 3 under for the day. Then I missed a short putt at 9 for the birdie. That was a killer really. That had to go in. Then I birdied 10. I had a couple opportunities, but nothing really. To par the holes, 13 in -- not to drop a shot today, but to par all the holes coming in, 13 in, was a good effort.

Q. The final three holes, very tough end.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: They are indeed.

Q. Today compared to the previous three days, how did that set to you?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: They're always tough. The 16th is playing a full 470. Then you've got, over water, you've got 228 at 17. Then you've got a nasty hole at the last, of course you have. As good a three holes as you'll finish with, to be honest, on any golf course, on any U.S. Open, never mind Senior. So you have a great course here. I think the renovations have been -- have worked extremely well, and I think all credit to Kyle Phillips and the club for closing the doors for 18 months and letting this happen and to make it a real major venue. You should be very proud here.

Q. Your reaction to the reception of the Championship from the Sacramento area?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Fantastic. I think the support here, I thought the crowds were big in Oklahoma, but they're double the size here in Sacramento. They came out to support in the thousands. Especially playing with the legend that is Tom Watson today, that was a great honor for me, to play with him. Any time you play with Tom Watson is something special. He gets on with the game. He plays the game properly. Legend is used too regularly, in my view, but he is. If there was a big four in golf, he'd be part of that.

Q. Well defended Championship. Well played, sir.
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